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Haven't watched anime in ages. I loved a bunch of those old ones tho. Akira, Evangelion, Ghost in The Shell, DragonBallZ and the like. Anything awesome I missed in the last 2 decades or so you'd recommend?

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I don't watch it as a specific thing, but I love animation. The weirder shit is what I usually go for, like Cat Soup or Kaiba. I really enjoy Masaaki Yuasa's films. Mushi-shi was a great series too.

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Overlord? Nah, man. I read manga. I have it on my read list but that's after I read my list of to-read comics first.

Might I suggest /a/ on 4chan?

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    Currently One Piece and this one called Back When You Called Us Devils. Good stuff.

    Although I've taken a break from reading them as I discovered one can read comics in a massive backlog so yeah.

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    Never got the taste for Overlord. Spriggen was pretty well done. Summer Time Rendering has been a great watch so far, has a Higurashi feel to it but with far better animation and story. There have overall been some really good releases, depending on what you're into.

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      The newer series available on Netflix (or through whatever streaming server won't wipe out on the episodes). I seem to think it was an abbreviated season or something.

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      Anime sub is dead now, I got some interesting anime suggestions there

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      anime sucks ass

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      Not caring about what Redditors think? Based. Personally I don't watch overlord because it objectifies women!!!!11 In the first episode the main character fondles a female NPC which appeals to the male fantasy of controlling misogyny. Just kidding of course, fuck foids and fuck redditors.

      Overlord seems decent, but I've only seen the first few episodes. Mainly because my friend kept on talking over it so it was hard to follow at the time. Maybe one day I'll finish it.

      I haven't watched anime in a very long time mainly because I'm too close-minded and picky. I can barely get into new movies too for this very reason, anime or not, unless I really like whoever is recommending the movie.

      Generally I like slice of life anime and some ghibli movies though. Toradora, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Kiki's Delivery Service, One Punch Man, just the typical modern scum stuff that I enjoy. Ace Attorney if that counts too.

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        So what you're saying is, you're an /u/AnimeRespecter?

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          That being said, I used to be addicted heavily to anime during my high school days. Slice of life anime especially. Good times.

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          This looks interesting. Is it pure entertainment or does it delve into deeper meaning?