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Sounds made up, probably because it is.

Finding obesity disgusting and unhealthy doesn't mean one is scared of it. I'm guessing if you "fat shame", you're one of these cacadoodymorephibesics?

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nah these morbid obese HAES people claim you're "fatphobic" like uh that's not a real word.

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Nope not at all.

My fiancee was nearly 300 lbs at one point. She was over 250 when I met her. This is after my previous girlfriend was a model, gymnast and cheerleader. I prefer a fit body of course, but I am not repulsed by fat either.

A bunch of people in my life looked at my sideways for dating her at first, but honestly she's a beautiful and wonderful person who just struggled with unhealthy eating habits. She's been working hard on correcting them recently and is able to do so partly because I am neither positively reinforcing her to be fat the way most fat acceptance movement people do, nor do I bully her or make her feel bad for it the way most normal people do. I've gently encouraged her, and tried to help her make healthier dietary choices combined with regular walks and physical activity. She is about 5 lbs away from being in the normal range for the first time in her adult life now and I suspect she will hit that within a couple of months at the rate she has been going.

This all said, I am also very against the fat acceptance movement in it's current form. It is a SERIOUS health and lifestyle concern and anyone (excepting people with EXCEPTIONALLY stacked muscle mass) over a BMI of about 30, should make it their primary goal to get it down and should aim to be below 25 or so. It is not ok to over-compensate and tell these people that it's completely OK. No it's not. It's a serious issue.

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you can break my race car bed and i wont be mad yo

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Not scared just know it's not our natural state.

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If promoting healthy eating habits is fatphobic, if being concerned for people's weight slowly killing them is fatphobic, then who the fuck cares, being fatphobic is a good thing.

Whenever I encounter these weirdos in real life I just pull out a pack start blowing it in their face and call them cigphobes.

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-aidic is the termination you are looking for.

For example, I am not a homophobe, but I am homoaidic.

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Absurd obesity imho always points to behavioral problems. Like laziness or eating to compensate for frustration or even depression.

These miserable feelings I can relate to very well.

But not doing something about them - no matter if you believe into therapy or not - I regard as giving up.

You don't even need a physician to tell you about possible consequences of obesity.

Simply "listening" to how you feel is completely adequate. Then again: Not at least trying to do something about it, I simply can't get. So this is kind of hard to accept for me. "Change" is seemingly always harder and more painful than sticking to what you know, sadly.

Of course, the easiest exit on this is to point to others to not be "tolerant" enough.

It is the easiest way to non-solve any problem: Only looking where it simply isn't located.

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Well I weighed myself yesterday and am finally overweight again instead of obese. By body fat % am still obese though, but women it's like 30%+ to be obese and men it's 25%+. I agree that obesity is related to numerous problems. I just ate too much because the food was there, but I became more depressed and joints hurted bc I never weighed that much. Of course, a person that is more obese than me will see me as skinny, but South and East Asians see me as fat. Like I'm not fat in the US or UK, but in Pakistan or South Korea, I'm a blimp there. I consider myself kinda fat, but I know now to just generally keep that opinion to myself when I live in the US or Canada.

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Everything is easier said than done.

I can relate.