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I think we need more trans women in anime. Not femboy character true trans women whose dick and balls get cut off.

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Yeah. Trans people done right. The Japs know how to make LGBT folks tingle, yeah?

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Jujutsu kaisen is perfect how it is. Why change something that is already good?

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I would contest that. I've read it twice. I dropped it once cause I thought maybe Viz made an oopsie on the translation and I decided to check the fan translation.

On my second read through I realized that neither translation was inferior nor superior, it was just that the story wasn't for me. It was confusing. Very confusing.

Three times I've re-read that chapter, my God. Anyway, I won't ruin it for you any further but more the power to you.

It's nearing two hundred chaps as well, fyi. Have fun.

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Maybe. I wont be finishing the manga. I usually just follow a bit with the anime to see how close they match up then just run with the anime.

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