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They have their theories, sometimes they are wrong. That's fine, no one's perfect.

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Eh, I like to know others feel similarly about current pop culture, and it's a way to know I'm not alone. I quite like Mr drinker. But beyond that I don't particularly care about whatever Hollywood poops out; it's how their poop is put on a pedestal because of posturing that is a sign of... The end times?

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IMO the Drinker's popularity is as much about confirmation bias with his demographic as any actual insights to be found in his comments. We've all been fed up with woke Hollywood for some time now, the Drinker put it into words and added a catchy tagline.

Otherwise his commentary is pretty superficial. Not to mention his videos have all sounded the same for some time now. He's a published writer and that lends some credibility to comments on story and characters, I'll grant him that (see what I did there?). I still watch his videos as soon as they drop but it's because I enjoy his presentation.

I haven't watched enough Mauler to have an opinion on him.

Go away now.

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You like them but you don't like the fruits of their labors? Sounds like envy.

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I like the fruits of their labors, save for Mauler. Too damn long. The Drinker brings up good points but I just sometimes disagree with it that when I double check my disagreement makes me agree with the bluepilled SJWs that dislike the Drinker.

I mean I've learned that I don't have to take them seriously if what the ideas they present would be too complex and difficult for me to understand.

If there's anything I envy about them, it's how they analyze the movies and the tv shows. I was told that it takes time but I've been around 22 years and I still feel like a soyboy NPC.

And I did say that I am not appreciative of how they are considered authorities in movies and Tv shows. I just treat them like Chris Stickman or Jeremy Jahns. Just people who review stuff online.

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It's nice to know I'm not alone in my thoughts on today's popular culture when I hear that others share them. Mr. Drinker is a guy I find really endearing. Beyond that, I couldn't care less what Hollywood coreball spouts; what worries me is how their dung is elevated due to posturing, and whether or not it portends... the end times.