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It has the backing of several billionaires connected to big pharma along with their personal think tanks and Web of charities. This generation, if not others, is and will be a goldmine(once transitioned you're a healthcare regular for life). I can only hope that with twitter being less of a TRA hub it will fade, but I'm not sure. We see signs of the tide turning, ie Tavistock etc and I hope it does. But I still wonder. There's vested interest...

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The only thing stopping the outrage machine is them aligning themselves to science and "the left" and labelling all opposition to gender ideology religious and "the right." Once that illusion fails, as it eventually must, things will happen fast.

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It's cracking for sure. And I've never met anyone who thought this shit was cool.

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    Yeah it's a trend that relies on social engineering in some way. I doubt it's natural. I just feel like corporate greed is slightly too simple. It disintegrates a lot of our social spaces(esp if you're gay) and it's mental how it's the new darling token minority in any form of media. Big media also being the common denominator of selling the covid narrative and the vax, coincidentally also a big pharma goldmine and also fully endorsed by the powers that be. Coincidence, surely.

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    The difference between something like fidget spinners which is a fad, and Tranny madness cultural behaviors is the children.

    In 20 years, most kids now won't know or recall fidget spinners. In 20 years, most kids now will recall their school, their parents, their library taking about how empowering it is to cut your pecker off and rename yourself Sally.

    Many of them may not become a Tranny, but the window is pushed and they will accept this as normal behavior and outcome. That gets passed off to their kids.

    Your issue with thinking about things like spinners is scope.

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    In 20 years, most kids now will recall their school, their parents, their library taking about how empowering it is to cut your pecker off and rename yourself Sally.

    Hahahaha, oh my god this is gold. A+++

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    Glad you approve musky

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    As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular.

    Oscar Wilde

    When the poors all start having trans kids the middle classes will turn against it an find a new fashion to show how enlightened and special they are.

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      The issue was politicised by LGB lobbists who saw their money drying up after the fight for gay marriage was won. It had then been further pushed by fetishists and queer theorists who do an opportunity to break down safeguarding and the boundaries of young people. There are multiple documents showing tactics.

      At the moment 30%-50% of young people identify as LGBT, mostly trans. Clearly it is indeed a craze.

      People have always thrown up but that doesn't mean there wasn't a craze of bulimia after Karen Carpenter died.

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        If you'd actually read the article you'd realise why you haven't heard of the trans lobby yet they've been allowed to right laws around the world without push back.

        But I guess it's too scary to look outside your bubble, better off smearing the publisher instead.

        Also none of your links relates to the demographic I mentioned.

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          So no one is saying trans people are "dangerous or problematic". This is coming from your own projection. The well has be sweetened by these lobby groups to tell you trans people are poor victims who are under attack from bad guys and you have lapped it up. Now you are seeing everything thing thrifty that lens rather than looking at the facts as they are.

          And ,no, parents can't just deal with this issue at home because numerous kids have already been taken into care because they weren't affirmed at home. One father in Canada was sent to prison. It's long past being a private matter, the state is 100% involved starting with teachers in schools pushing the ideas.

          I think you are one of the most primitive voters out there, completely tribalist but trying to cover it up with verbage. Most people vote correctly for their best interests as they should. Just because you have no idea what their interest are doesn't mean they are wrong or stupid. I believe in democracy and power to be in the hands of the people. That's what left wing is supposed to mean.

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            My experience with my niece and her friends is this ideology is absolutely being pushed in schools, there are way more people identifying as trans than we would expect, it certainly seems to be a social fad. There are obviously gay children who are playing at non-binary or gender swapping.

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            Never, because trannies will always be motivated to do everything they possibly can to get others to transition. If they didn't, they'd have to live with the reality that they're mutilated freaks who have ruined their lives and who will never be normal or desirable.

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            I'm guessing that after the American midterms the Dems will abandon it as a mainstream platform because it appears to mostly be a losing proposition and plays into republican campaign strategies very well. Since the republicans basically are handed a free win with shit like "DQ story time" or some of those quasi-porn books in school fiascos. Also most of the pro-trans voices are obviously crazy.

            Will remain on the fringes as fundraising fodder. Much like how evangelical stuff is not used as a mainstream Republican platform now, but it's still there and will come back later. Trans issues will be sidelined for a few cycles but will come back. Or maybe they'll have polygamy be the next issue as a way to try to woo weird Mormon and Muslim traditionalists along with the polycules.

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            Pedophilia will be the next big issue.

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            you are correct, and this is a big part of it....have you heard of people calling themselves MAPS? there's another horror story. normalization of trans was intended largely to normalize pedo

            so, just like 'trans' and 'pedo' alike, each is another step away from nature (or God) and towards a fully controlled technocratic vampire control grid.

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            The popularization of the consumption of weed is part of this too.

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            How? I love weed and it never made me wanna trans out

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            Weed is for dumbing down. It's not a smart drug. Give this to anyone already somewhat impressionable and they will be susceptible to the brainwashing of the leftists ideology. The ever-unwashed liberals here all smoke weed bought on their welfare payments screeching about this woke nonsense.

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            Some of our brains are too noisy and we want the dumbing down.

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            That noise should be embraced, they are the sounds of actual thoughts happening. Listen, there they go. Woosh, thoughts flying by. Turn up the volume. Be smarter.

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            You ever couldn't fall asleep for a week straight just cause you couldn't stop thinking about things? Anything, everything. There is also depressing stuff like the knowledge of our impending deaths, I mean the totality of it all, and our utter insignificance in the grand scheme of things. It's better not to think about things we can't change anyways. Eat, drink, be merry.

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            I used to inflict wakefulness on myself intentionally, face the sense of impending doom head on. It's invigorating. But I would use the old trick for avoiding bad trips, repeatedly tell myself that I am invincible. A marvelous trick so long as you avoid staircases and moving vehicles.

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            Although speaking of not smart, I almost leaned onto my acupuncture needles just now.

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            No. Thoughts are toxic, that's why weed is toxic. It INCREASES mental noise.

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            There are other ways to shut off the noise. This "way" actually INCREASES it in your natural state, making its use indispensable. But... i'M nOt AdDiCtEd!

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            I agree, weed is addicting as hell. Anything you do every day is a habit.

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            dumb opinion. speak for yourself and throw fewer stones in your glass house.

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            There's a reason why sketches like this are not just prevalent but also funny, it's because it's true. I give you stoners:


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            Weed is Reality's version of Huxley's Soma. If that's not dystopian enough for you... I don't know what to say.

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            I guess it does make people lazy and complacent, but I think for some of us it's more medicinal than fun.

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            Wild lettuce extract has no such loony effects and is a natural and healthy painkiller.

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            I was actually thinking about that today, I remember you mentioning it to me years ago. Might check it out.

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            Real men burn their digestive systems with capsaicin for the endorphin rush though. Wild lettuce is for little girls.

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            maybe the high octane, 24+% stuff? i been smoking outdoor and homegrown for decades and managed to keep my member functional and intact...

            also: Cannabis comes from God. i dont understand why you think the trans agenda is linked to a plant?

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            Scorpions, Killer bees, venomous snakes and spiders are also "from God". Do you have a point? It has nothing to do with the plant itself, just the recreational use of it!

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            how are scorpions, killer bees, and venemous snakes and spiders associated with the trans agenda as you claim weed is?

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            They aren't, they're just "from God" just like weed. You know what else is "from God"? Critical thinking ability.

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            Cannibalism is not far behind.

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            I thought the next thing would be all-out transhumanism: implanted machines but also ANIMAL BODYPARTS. I can't wait to see some freak turned into a real life fucking minotaur, centaur, satyr, demons with actual horns growing out of their skulls, etc.

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            I believe you are correct with transhumanism. To get a bit conspiratorial (cuase that's what I do) merging machine and human has been the end goal. I think the hyper fixation on trans gender ideology was a stepping stone to transhumanism. Get the population ok with doing drastic change to their body with the gender crap. Get people dependent on the medical system, and there are different ways to accomplish that (thats a whole conversion in itself). Then introduce medical devices that merge to your body, like the neuro link. Then as time goes on nobody will recognize a actual human anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if people don't even live outside the internet at that point. They would be forever stuck in the meta verse or some other artificial reality.

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            I can almost hear the mantras now. "Furries are real animals!"

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            That has been brought up as an issue in the past and I think the remaining activists within the LGBTQIA+ movement do have that as their endgame as they're the new NAMBLA types by and large.

            Will it be a big political issue? I doubt it. I don't think either party in the US is suicidal enough to run on a legalize pedophilia platform.

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            They will bring "experts" that will testify that "there really isn't anything wrong with it" and "pedos are people too" all wrapped up in nice political correctness and the politicians will pass bills that will contain small portions that favor legalizing this most horrendous of criminality. You'll see. It will be "just another sexual orientation"... the term MAP ("Minor Attracted Person") has already been coined, the process is already underway.

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            Pedophiles want to rape children. If you don't think that is evil. I don't think you deserve human rights.

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            The word paedophile was literally just invented as a euphemism for child rapist because psychologists wanted a term which sounded more intellectual. Now they have the problem that most child abusers don't actually fit the fake definition of paedophile they came up with so it's useless.

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            Of course, I know it's pure evil, WTF. I stand firmly against such horrors.

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            Are you really comparing belief in Christ to men who use estrogen recreationally and behave promiscuously? Don't you think that's insulting?

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            Show me where I made that comparison please. Because I don't believe I did.

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            This, though maybe I read too much into it:

            Will remain on the fringes as fundraising fodder. Much like how evangelical stuff is not used as a mainstream Republican platform now

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            I think that line was meaning to say that Republican pandering to evangelicals was fundraising fodder, not saying that evangelicals themselves are fundraising fodder. Evangelicals mean what they say, but for a while, politicians were pandering to them with false piety to get their donations. Similarly, cynical Democrat politicians have been pandering to the young college radicals with the trans stuff. At least, I hope they don't actually believe it...

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            Yes the similarities are in how both groups are exploited for political reasons. If you read current LGBTQIA+ fundraising materials it is eerily similar to a lot of christian fundamentalist fundraising material.

            "They are coming to take away your rights and kill you. Vote for me I'll stop it." Type things.

            There's a lot of emotional hysteria in both circles and it is easily harnessed to power a political machine.

            It should be noted as well that the kind of evangelical voter I would be referring to is better described as a "dominionist" or simply someone who believes that Christian morality should be enforced legally (though few agree on exactly what that morality entails). Likewise they are a small minority of church goers and often make themselves pariahs in their circles for similar reasons as to how the woke left currently operate, namely that you get individuals making extreme histeronic displays in an attempt to guilt everyone to side with them. You can find the comparison insulting if you wish but I will still make it, as I believe the underlying psychological motivations and drives to be similar. I also don't think that the LGBTQIA+ movement is being driven by actual trans people so much as a bunch of rank and file "allies" that are exactly the kind of middle class stay at home mom types that would be the annoying church ladies in the past, they've simply stopped going to church because it's not socially required of them anymore and have replaced the social experience of it with various forms of activist movements.

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            That's a pretty cogent analysis. It's not completely unfair. I would suggest, though, that a committed dominionist or Christian nationalist errs by following too many rules, whereas a committed leftist follows far too many. The former error is the preferable one.

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            Follows too few rules you meant to say?

            I think the issue is in both groups they actually don't have set " rules" so much as they have a constantly shifting sense of social obligations and new rules through the outrage mechanism and various panics.

            The dominionist have the benefit of the Bible as a basis for their ideology and that gives them a bit more stability than otherwise but I don't think it's a major boon. As the interpretation of the bible is very much left to the individual whims of each participant and their leaders. Eventually the most intolerant form of interpretation will become the mainstream form discussed simply because tolerant ideals are going to he eclipsed by intolerant ideals. At least in the mainstream discourse.

            Consider now for Halloween, hot topic for evangelicals. You'll get the normies in the church. Want to put up some light decorations just cause, want to pass out candy to the neighborhood kids for fun and for making a good community impression.

            Do this and invariably someone will get triggered and go on a long tirade about the satanic origins of Halloween and will continually press the issue until they are either accommodated or are given the ultimatum of shut up or leave.

            Invariably this leads to the "harvest party" or "Jesus day" obviously stand in for Halloween but without their problematic elements. This will be enough for some, especially the "we need to reach the kids" types since they still get to do so. But it does invariably lead to a whole bunch of rules, oftentimes totally contradictory about what is and is not OK. And good luck getting any kind of coherent biblical answer if you ask because for some reason the Bible doesn't say anything about it eh? Funny that. Of course everyone has their own opinion about what it "would say" if it did say it, and that's just as good for them.

            So you get what is essentially a "politically correct" Halloween party. Wanna go as a witch, nope satanic. Wanna go as Jesus? Nope sacrilegious. Wanna go as the minions, nope too worldly. Wanna go as a monkey? Might be seen as promoting evolution and trigger someone best not too. What's the best thing to do? Well find an excuse not to go at all, because it's not fun. No rules but everyone knows the one rule, obey all rules.

            It's basically the same shit that happened in universities with the whole "culture not a costume" and woke Halloween stuff. Activist types see everything as a battle for equality, evangelical types see everything as a battle for the soul. In both cases it becomes an all encompassing pathological obsession which is easily manipulatable by those with less transparent intentions. As well as a way for narcissists to play the "I don't want this but the cause demands it" game when indeed they do want it and are just trying to shield themselves from criticism.

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            The last major trans craze in modern civilisation ended when Germany had had enough about 90 years ago. So you're asking the wrong question. The question is, when will a great man rise to power to repeat?

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            If you've got any information showing the trans craze in 1930's Germany I'd love to see it. Most of my research shows this sort of thing beginning to appear on the fringes as a "legitimate medical procedure" in Europe around the 1950's.

            We can see an example from America here in the 1953 Ed Wood movie. Before he went on to (in)famy for his string of entertainingly bad B-movies.


            It's a fairly interesting look into the psyche of these sorts of people. Well removed from the current politically charged atmosphere. What I find particularly interesting is that while the director means this as a call for tolerance, I see it more as a call for help. As the case of both people canvassed leads you to see they aren't exactly of sound mind. And the interviews with the average Joe about it show they don't really understand this as a mental illness that progresses beyond the simple act of wearing women's clothing which as always been irrelevant.

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            Thank you I will look more into this later.

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            Movie: glen or Glenda


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            I give it seven years, minimum. By that time the bulk of the current adult population living with psycho-sexual dysfunctions will be dead from either disease or suicide. The concern is maintaining that decline and nurturing a population perceptive enough to see it when it rears its head again. Unfortunately, the baby boomers aren't done procreating and all indicators suggest that their children and the first half of GenX are the bulk of the population expressing these dysfunctions, so intercepting and countering the propaganda being peddled through radio, film, televised, streamed, and print media is where parents wanting to raise normal children will need to focus.

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            I'm still seeing reports of kids 10-13 saying they have to identify as queer to avoid being bullied for being boring cis.

            So that's another whole generation which needs to go through it, unless they are sensible and rebel.

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            Nobody wants to be a "basic white bitch" anymore. My own niece said that and I'm like honey, you're half Polish and half Mexican, you ain't all that white.

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            My take is that it's eventually going to become "uncool" as both the rabid proponents and victims of the ideology age out. I can also see it continuing to take hits as more people challenge the obviously unhinged rhetoric and ethically unsound "affirmative care model" of fast tracking children into genital mutilation. We're already seeing a lot of teens speak out about their deep regrets and there will only be more in the coming years.

            It will always be around in one form or another because 1) there will always be men f'd in the head enough to scream about their fetish being publicly acceptable, 2) it's too good of a shield for pedos and sexual predators for them to totally give up on it, and 3) there are some very very rich people providing funding to constantly shove it down our throats. The last is part of the reason I think it hasn't faded as some of the other trends you've mentioned.

            I also see non-binary and the social trend of transness to be this generation's emo or goth, and those had several good years in them before their wide popularity fizzled. Likewise, there are still emos and goths but in much smaller numbers, i.e. I had my pick of 3-4 goth clubs pretty much every weekend in the 90s and now, with rare exceptions, the scene has been reduced to monthly events.

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            I think the more kids vocally and publicly de-transition, some eyes will begin to open. There is a massive wave of people in their 20's who were pushed or pressured into this (or who were even "correctly diagnosed" as "trans" years ago) and who have gradually phased out of feeling this way and are angry and lost. They're speaking out.


            [–]makesyoudownvote 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

            When the right finally gives in and accepts it, then all of a sudden they will start becoming aware of all the problems it causes and find a way to spin it as if it were a right wing concept all along.

            [–]SeethingPeasant 2 insightful - 3 fun2 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)

            The trans pedi movement is going to be pushed until we activity fight it down. It is not about a marginalized community, it's about normalizing satanic pedophilia. The baphamet is transgender, and satanic worship preaches raping, torturing, sacrificing, and drinking the blood of children. This movement is about normalizing that hence all the subliminal and supraliminal satanic imagery and symbolism in music, music videos, movies, TV shows, and everything else from the entertainment industry. Most of the musicians, actors, and politicians where pedo and satanic symbol jewelry and tattoos. That's why they pushed atheism and not believing in God so hard for years because it's easier to get people to live a satanic lifestyle if they have ko moral compass. And mission accomplished. The satanic elite have recreated Sodom and Gamora.

            [–]ShekelPa 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

            Understand that it is being artificially propped by the same jews who have made it their mission to destroy every aspect of masculinity that they are threatened by.

            [–]capmtripps420 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

            you chop you peepee and it ends...


            its part of a much larger agenda conveniently called Transhumanism. the homo trans agenda is for the most part a way to disconnect individuals from nature, family, society, themselves, and ultimately, REALITY. the same goes for believing in dumb shit like space and dinosaurs, thats why they are getting this stuff to the youngest possible kids. when the ability to perceive reality as it REALLY is becomes mashed to the point of believing a man can be a woman and vice versa, a population is easy to control because they obviously believe lies.

            [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

            Two considerations of the trans epidemic: Occam's Razor, and then something more sinister, but I think they're related.

            Transwomen (lets be honest, overwhelming majority are MtF) are just an extension of the incel problem, these guys usually wound up dying in war or going gay in ancient times, now they just become women cause they enjoy higher social status as such.

            Honestly nowadays with gender dynamics as free and out in the open as they are, I don't see this problem ever really going away, clearly trans MtF dudes somehow have a better chance living as women (instead of failed men) and probably aren't as open to just male on male gay sex. Because women are now as choosy as ever in human history, basically slightly less extreme than cavemen times where it was 1 in 17 men having sex.

            Also, you're acting like this is some new thing. It's just that powers at large feel more comfortable pushing it. It's been around for a long time. Members of European royalty were trans for centuries. Many famous "actresses" and actors were and are trans and were passed off. Many celebrities as well. As far as I understand it's some cornerstone of their deals with Lucifer, Baal, Moloch or whatever entities these psychos bargain with for power. Also since leaders, governments, power attracts sociopaths probably driven to be this way by inceldom, there's some overlap between their gay little cults and the incel problem and their preferred mass "solution."

            [–]sproketboy 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

            It will be over when the Mad Max times begin - so soon.

            [–]TarBaby 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

            Brainwashing children's minds using sex education with trannies and drag queens.

            [–]spacedolphin 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

            When the Demiurge gets bored.

            [–]WhenImBanned 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

            It's not going to end so long as there is democracy to give these perverted faggots influence.