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Science is built around the Scientific Method. The people saying "believe in science" are urging for the opposite of the Scientific Method. They are actually urging for something more akin to religion.

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The most non-anti-SJW answer I've seen all week.

If one research cannot be replicated, then it is just bull. I get that now.


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Was gonna say exactly that. The entire point of science is to debate and test, to attempt to disprove something, not to bolster the narrative of Big Pharma

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"I believe in science" is a religious testament of the Cult of Dogmatic Scientism. It has nothing at all to do with evidence-based conclusions arrived at by using the scientific method.

The high priests of this cult are Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Tony Fauci, Albert Bourla, Rochelle Walensky, etc, and vaccination is the sacrament.

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Like when Pluto was declared a non-planet by the space agency people?

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You can't believe science.

If you are not provided the tools to try to debunk a claim yourself, it is hollow.

Trust the science, or believe the science, is an attempt to subvert reality and force a victim to gaslight themselves into potato iq land.

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    Why are you doxing yourself?

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    I am stupid

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    Can't believe science? What the fuck are we taught at school of we can't believe science? What?

    I've had the vaccine thrice. I also know other people who've had the vaccine thrice. They haven't succumbed to what the reports are in the US, where there are adverse effects.

    I cannot say for other but I had the Chinese Sinovac, through and through. Nothing. A little heavy on the arm but nothing. No adverse nor beneficial effects. Probably died after two days, tops.

    An observation that I've come up with is that the adverse effects come from different genetic or different medical problems that are already around when the vaccine was injected. I have no way to test this hypothesis and thus it is dead in the water.

    If many say the vaccine will do more harm than good, I question why it did not affect me or the people around me?

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    You don't have an iq high enough to spot the pattern of deceit.

    At best you're promoting a placebo. At worst you're promoting genocide.

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    I..... don't really have that high an IQ. I will take the "at best" route then.

    I'm not sure what to take from this conversation. It isn't very clear cut.

    The pattern of deceit in my nation wasn't centered around the vaccine and the mandates. So I guess I have an extremely different perspective than Americans.

    I understand the placebo part. If me pointing out that there is a different effect on other races, then that would indeed be genocide. Thanks for making that clear.

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    As someone who took a single dose of Sinovac to avoid the mRNA shit, and has had heart issues ever since, wake the fuck up would ya?

    Of the people I know there have been at least 15 bad effects from Sinovac, not to mention the damage from Pfizer and AZ etc

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    I will not deny your claim. I had Sinovac as well. I can show you my vaccine card if you'd like. I will accept that the vaccine is severely flawed and the people around me who didn't get sick are either lucky or most likely got an "inferior" version.

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    In my case it was the unjabbed arm going numb, then inability to control my diaphragm (breathing muscle), 35 mins after the injecton. That passed, then the same night a deep aching pain in my right thigh, which I presume was a clot. Next day racing heart, even when sitting down doing nothing, followed by weeks of chest pains and palpitations.

    Even as I'm typing now I can feel a tightness on the left side of my chest. I've rather got used to it. One bizarre twist is walking now makes my hands swell up.

    Ever bought a new car and then started spotting the same model all over the place? It's similar with a vaccine injury; once people know you've been hurt by the jab they open up and tell you their own issues or the issues of their spouse, co-worker etc.

    In the early days I was hearing a lot of people with chest pains, fast pulse, easy fatigue. Now I'm hearing of deaths. Lots and lots of deaths.

    Just today posted this:

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    I see, I hope you get better. I'm thankful none of it happened to my immediate family. Well, I hope things get better on your end.

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    Fools when will they learn science doesnt exsist. How rediculous of them I bet they think there is a giant microscope in the clouds magnifying down on them increasing the sun exposure so their crops grow. And a large vial of H2O that provides rain when they praise the science and preform their banal primitive tribal moisturizing rituals.

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    I understand that science is the result of the scientific method. Try and try and trust but verify

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