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I'm atheist.

The Big Bang theory was invented by the Catholic Church, however.

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I'm an agnostic atheist, I believe is the most accurate term. I don't believe there is a governing deity controlling the universe and certainly don't believe in any of the current gods, but I'm open to new evidence. I think religion stems from fear of the unknown. It's better to have a made up story than no story. It's better to have a heaven than it is to just accept that you die and there's nothing after that (except for your biological matter returning to the Earth). It's more comforting to think you have answers than to accept you don't.

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I'm a buddhist, but don't deny neither belief nor science.

I also have certain beliefs concerning symbols and colors.

And then there just hinduism, putting all of us "westerners" into a very humble place.

So I have become rather "devout", what seems to be an appropiate term.