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People with the flu get others sick. We are all always bathed in radiowaves but we do not always have the flu. There is no correlation between proximity to radio towers and the flu.

It is clear that the flu is a transmittable disease and not related to radiowaves.

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Maybe we were affected en mass due to upgrades, maybe we are affected randomly due to use/proximity/output of EMFs…. I don’t believe in viruses, virology seems to be built on blind faith and a concoction of ingredients. I’m just questioning and offering opinion.

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virology seems to be built on blind faith

That is absurd. Viruses can be propogated intentionally and reliably.

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I don’t think there is a correlation between EMFs and the flu, but this planet is full of EMFs since the late 1800s and our bodies have been habituated to a pre-1800 conditions.

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Yes, I'm aware of these correlations. Now I don't think it makes sense to say EMF 'causes' viruses to spring into existence inside people's bodies, but it does seem possible that this EMF may have an immune depressing effect, making people more susceptible to becoming actively infected by viruses when these new technologies are introduced.

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I’m questioning wether those ‘viruses’ are our body naturally expelling toxins, as virology seems to be a very confusing subject built on belief rather than science. Look at how vaccines are made, or ‘viruses’ found/proven.

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We've been bathed in radio waves from the Sun and other regions of space since before we were humans. Correlation doesn't prove causation.

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The suns rays are natural, our bodies use what they need to grow/survive.,. Artificial EMFs/wave are pumped out en mass at certain times possibly causing an overdose of toxins, and then various amounts surrounding, possibly affecting us more randomly once our bodies have acclimatised to he initial upgrade onslaught? 🤷‍♂️

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Most of the harmful stuff is blocked by the atmosphere.

Our biochemistry makes use of electric charges that have the potential to be effected by strong EMFs.

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