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is reporting spam recommended? In other words, does the spam reporting process lead to reduced levels of spam?

Well I also report the spam, but the effectiveness of doing so is questionable. There aren't enough active admins at the moment, theres two people that will remove the spam posts (shout out to Vulptex and Zapped for doing what they can to keep the spam away), but if they aren't on then it stays there for a while, and the spam is often coming in the middle of the night due to most of them being from India. We badly need more trusted users to be appointed admin for spam removal, but site owner (Magnora7) has not been too active lately

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Reporting spam is very much appreciated. Like Phooey said, it's two guys removing all the spam and they're not here all the time and they can't see it all. It takes some time, but it's that much harder if nobody reports it.