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Why? I'm using the alternatives instead, they have way more edgy and kinky shit that BoreHub doesn't have. The only thing PH has is just lots of OF thots uploading shitty clips cut short. Who the fuck wants that shit?

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Didn't you just admit to (literally) being gay in another comment? Why would you care about PH anyway??

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No, I've admitted to being bisexual. And.. you DO know that PH has more than just straight porn right? Right? I mean.. it's kind of scary if you've somehow missed that.

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Didn't PornHub die like in 2021 after the Great Purge? They were afraid feds were going to get them on CP, so they got rid of all of the "unverified" videos. I don't even watch porn like the rest of you degenerates, but I remember Reddit going apeshit at the time. I went on there and checked at the time, and yeah, it was empty. Nothing but "pay-to-view" content that nobody gives a shit about. And this was when OF was at its peak and all the simps were going over there. I legit didn't know people were still using PornHub after that. That site's been dead for years, apparently. Even XHamster had the same thing happen, I heard.