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Where are the mods? Ban these Feds please.

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The democrats are leaking.

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They have been creeps since at least as far back as Grover Cleveland. He groomed his future wife from the age of 11 onwards.

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Grover Cleveland. He groomed his future wife from the age of 11 onwards.

I don't believe that claim to be correct. Grover Cleveland was much older than his wife Frances. Cleveland also claimed paternity of an additional child named Oscar Folsom Cleveland with Maria Crofts Halpin. Neither looks like a case of "grooming." Has any actual historian written about this alleged grooming?

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Seal them in cement.

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If you aren't planning on abusing little kids then why would you need some kind of pedophile club looking to be accepted by society? Seems sketchy and highly suspect to me.

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MAP's argued they are marginalized... which in first hand sounds fair. I mean, you wouldn't want people to normalize child abuse right? But then again whenever someone is convicted of diddling a kid they're called a pedo, and pedos who are just minding their business are put on the same group. How do you want society to have these people seek mental help if they think their therapist will just turn on them and they will get raped in prison? In turn a bunch of pedos are just left to their own devices and more likely to diddle kids in the process.

At the same time I see the issue of grouping a bunch of pedophiles together... it could lead to "issues".

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Therapy doesn't help paedos, it just makes them more likely to offend.

Any kind of normalisation makes them more likely to offend.

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Normalization of what? You think therapy goes "oh just go and abuse children"?

You know 1% of people are pedos? That's about 3 million pedos in america. What's your other suggestion to this problem besides... uhm "normalize pedophiles going to therapy"? You want pedos to just "hey pedos jump off a bridge!" who the hell wants to kill themselves?

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Some people deserve to be marginalized for marginalizing others. Children’s bodies are just not big enough to handle adult sexual organs.

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This is how the trans mafia started 20 years ago. “We just want to be left alone!”

They’re just taking the costumes off now.

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Trans mafia is a bit more intricate...

They followed off gay rights, whereas the gays left others alone, the TQ+ wants to indoctrinate children to normalize their lifestyle.

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My point is that they’re the same people. Trans was a means to an end.

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I don't disaggre that MAP normalization could lead to the trans equivalent of today.

However I do think a lot of good people are behind it with the goal of reducing child endargement. I aggre with the notion that less marginalization of pedos could mean less pedos feeling shamed of getting help, thus making them way less likely to act on their urges.

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You’re not picking up what I’m putting down. Guessing your either a bot or a lefty.

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Anyone who disaggres with you is a bot or a lefty? I think you're the bot here...

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No, not at all. Anyone who struggles to maintain a grasp of the conversation tends to be a bot or a lefty.

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It’s a front so that when they relapse, they can say “hey, at least we tried.“

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They’re simply pdeophiles who haven’t found a victim yet, and are actually working to undo the protections we have in place.

They outright reject in-patient treatment. They don’t want to have to report to police or be barred from jobs that give them unfettered unsupervised access to children. They don’t want to suppress their libido with drugs. Some want access to “safe” child porn. Basically they think that requiring a MAP to do anything but attend a meeting once a week is tyranny.

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How long before they go after the word “minor“?

I’m surprised they don’t go after the whole concept of consent itself based on how many times it has been used throughout history to let white women get away with lying about Black and Jewish men so that they could be executed for crimes that were not even committed. Get rid of that, and then you are arguing over the age of nothing. And you have not only legalized pedophilia, but rape as well. Mission accomplished, and then some. And once they legalize pedophilia and rape, they will go after your pets and they will use the consumption of meat to justify it.

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Can you back any of your claims?

I would say they actually want protections for themselves, rather than undo protections that we have in place for children. At least the pedos who know children can't consent. Yes there are disgusting opportunistic maps who believe children can consent but I doubt that's the majority.

Why put yourself on a list of pedophiles when a vigilante would go after your head? Society doesn't accept that pedophile is a mental illness, not something you "acquire". It's just like homosexuality.

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They need to take the non-offending bullet to the head, not to be confused with the more common bullet to the head.

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Let me do it.

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Well I heard 1% of people are pedos so good luck convincing all 3 million pedophiles in america to take the non-offending bullet for commiting the crime of existing instead of convincing them to get mental treatment....

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I know how to make a proper noose.

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Why would you kill someone who didn't commit a crime?

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To remove the obvious threat.

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Castration not more moral?

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Leaving them free to promote this to others? I suppose you could remove the penis, tongue, and other parts until they're rendered 'safe', if that's what you're thinking. I'm not sure that would be more moral.

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Good luck convincing every pedo to do that. If we lived in a world where pedos could just out themselves to the public so people would keep their children away from them and they live their lives safely we would have less child endargement

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Castration often doesn't solve their sadism paraphilia.

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Hmmm, you're the sort of person who would kill people who haven't committed any crimes.

That makes you an obvious threat. Where's that noose?

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If they own child porn or sniff kids' hair, they are an offending MAP.

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Interesting, you're the first out here not to outright want to kill them.

So you have no problem with a NOMAP that tends to stay away from kids?

Do you feel the same about them consuming loli hentai?

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They are mentally ill, they need treatment not killing.

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A lot of people seem to think otherwise.

Possibly because they think child abuser = pedo since the terms are used interchangably a lot.

It also makes sense to me pedos don't get mental treatment because of the shame. This means a lot of pedos in the end actually might go on their urges and end up abusing kids. We could literally have less child abuse if people understood this.

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Isn't that the goal, to stop or have less child abuse?

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In theory yes, but people don't understand by having more treated pedos it would mean less child abuse.

Hell we could have a safe space for pedos to come out and get help, but even in this thread and others I asked saying "just kill them", like that will make them come out.

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Some may not be offenders yet, they're still a potential danger to children.

The only people I've ever seen wonder about pedo shit is pedos btw.

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How you suggest deal with that then?

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They could be legally mandated to wear a symbol showing they are unsafe to be around children, like a Pride flag, at all times.

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The legality of mandating individuals to wear a symbol indicating they are unsafe to be around children would depend on the specific laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in question.

In general, laws and regulations related to personal identification symbols can vary significantly between countries and even within different regions of the same country. It is unlikely that a Pride flag, which represents the LGBTQ+ community and is unrelated to child safety concerns, would be used as a symbol in such a context. The idea of mandating individuals to wear a symbol indicating they are unsafe to be around children raises ethical and human rights concerns, such as potential stigmatization and infringement on personal privacy.

It's important to approach matters related to child safety and protection with sensitivity, fairness, and evidence-based strategies. Governments and societies typically focus on implementing laws and regulations that promote the well-being and safety of children while respecting the rights and dignity of all individuals involved. If you have concerns or questions about specific laws or regulations in your jurisdiction, it would be best to consult with a legal professional who can provide advice based on the relevant local laws and regulations.

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That would be cool, but you can't expect pedos to do that if they're gonna be shot by people who think pedo = child abuser.

I like your solution but it only works if we have a society that understand what a pedophile actually is.

I think the NOMAP movement would do wonders in that regard, no?

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They are groomers grooming society into letting their guard down so they can start offending.

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The only people grooming children are LGBTQ+

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That’s like being in the Klan and not being allowed to even light a cross.

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Well it's a bit complicated. All NOMAPs are MAPs, and most MAPs are non-offending, buy that could be just because they don't look good in stripes (old joke, I guess I should say orange nowadays) or for other more nuanced reasons than trite assertions about consent. So I guess they wouldn't fit your definition of NOMAP, despite fitting the literal one.

As you say, pedophilia is not illegal (I don't think the "in most countries" qualifier is even needed here), but it's also important to note that a large amount child sexual abuse (perhaps even the majority) is not motivated by pedophilia, but obviously remains illegal regardless.

When it comes to communities, it's true that NOMAPs (as you define them) have their own, but ironically they seem more secretive than the regular MAP communities so I've never really bothered to try and check them out. My opinion is that they're probably miserable and not fun to be around.

Finally, all pedophiles (but not necessarily all MAPs) are LGBTQ+, regardless of what corporate LGBTQ+ community tells you. Anyone who says it's not queer to be sexually attracted to little kids has some screws loose.

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A man who would rather fuck little girls than other adult men is a sick piece of shit, and has nothing in common with Gay men except the same sexual organs, which I am deprived of access to because I am neither female nor a child.

Save a child, rape a pedophile! We put murderers to death, and pedophilia is rape, so we should sentence child rapists to corrective Gay sex with an adult partner or execution if he refuses.

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As you say, pedophilia is not illegal (I don't think the "in most countries" qualifier is even needed here), but it's also important to note that a large amount child sexual abuse (perhaps even the majority) is not motivated by pedophilia, but obviously remains illegal regardless.

What would it be?

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An attack of opportunity. Obviously children are vulnerable, both mentally and physically, so if someone's looking for an easy target a lot of times a child fills the bill. Or take incest, who's the most readily available victim possible? Someone who lives with you.

Here's the first article on the topic I could find. Not really the best, but it explains the basic concept.

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A distinction without a difference? Potential offenders instead of proven offenders?

Seriously though, there needs to be an outlet so people who feel this way can get help before they do offend, but why do they feel the need to publicize or identify as that? Wouldn't it be safer and saner to just go get help without creating a fucking flag and having meetings?

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The one who created the movement (that professor with the infamous meme) assuming he has good intentions probably isn't a pedophile himself but wanted to share light on how this works.

He has some logic. If pedos are less stigmatized it opens the door for them to get mental treatment, no?

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Agreed. I think it's important to have that outlet so they can get help. If there's no outlet, the only option left is just shut up and or offend. I'm just dubious as I keep seeing this effort by the LGBT community to include MAPs in the community (and also trans activism around transitioning minors without their parent's knowledge). I don't want to legitimize people being attracted to minors as anything other than deviant, but I absolutely agree they should be able to seek treatment privately, which they already have. Why would you ever want anyone to know?

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Oh you're mistaking things. The map community is the one wanting to be inside LGBTQ+. LGBTQ+ folks actually want nothing to do with those guys and are making a pushback against it (possibly to avoid backlash, maybe they are actually pedos but I don't know).

The people transitioning kids are a different crowd, it's mostly the trans activists and people like Dylan

I'm here thinking if I was a pedo I would want to put it on my handles so people would keep children away from me, but if I did that I would loose my job and would only be a matter of time until a vigilante killed me.

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Good question. I fear the issue is too nuanced for the average basement-dwelling delta and god-botherer on saidit.

Nobody can help how they are born, but they can help how they act. Pedophiles can no more help that they are sexually attracted to minors than the rest of us can help who we find sexually attractive. But just as we don't go out raping everyone we find sexy, pedophiles can and do control their urges -- and those that don't should be treated as other criminals are treated.

Because of the stigma and hatred against pedophiles, those who need help to control their urges cannot get that help. There is no shortage of therapists who will help people with other unacceptable desires, say compulsive liars, thieves and people with the desire to commit violence. Go to a psychologist and say that you're having sexual fantasies about committing violent rape against adults, and they will do their professional best to help you understand and control those unhealthy urges. But there is almost no help available for those attracted to children.

Its almost as if society wants pedophiles to fail to control their urges, so they have somebody to hate.

This goes double for the USA, where society simultaneously sexualises young girls while they are still many years from puberty, and demonizes anyone who admits to wanting to have sex with somebody even a single day before their 18th birthday.

The LGBTQ+ community is also not interested in accepting MAP's, NOMAP's or paedophiles in general.

Please, the LGB community has nothing to do with the TQ+ rainbow bullshitters.

Unfortunately there is a significant minority in the TQ+ community who are trying to normalise pedophilia as a lifestyle choice, something which is only going to backlash badly on both regular LGBs, TQs and even on the pedophiles who know that sex with children is harmful and are trying to not offend.

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The potential is there for dishonest peds to "identify" as NOMAP and utilize the presumption of innocence to target minors.

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How so?

Actual NOMAP's wouldn't mind a parent not wanting their kid near someone who call themselves a NOMAP. If they get offended that's when you ring the bells

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Woodchipper with the rest of the child predators.

Next question.

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Why are you comparing a NOMAP to a child predator?

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Both want the same thing, but one actually gets the job done.

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How so? If a pedophile went through castration, does he actually desire it anymore?

Also why are you saying "want"? That's like saying a christian homosexual wants gay sex. He simply desires it.

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    Do not advocate violence on saidit. The rest of the post is fine, but the first paragraph is not allowed per saidit rules.

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    Okay, I fixed it. Thanks for at least informing me instead of insta-banning me like they'd do on Reddit for a far less serious offense.

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    Thanks for fixing it, much appreciated