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Magnora can almost certainly see your IP if he wanted but this isnt made publicly available

Just use a VPN. You can get a decent one for like $3.00/mo. Always practice good internet hygiene

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Your IP address will be visible to the saidit server. It may or may not be visible to the IRC server depending on whether or not the messages go to the IRC server through saidit or not. If messages are going from you to IRC server and back, it can definitely see your IP, if they go through Saidit first, it may just be associated with a user ID instead, and the IRC server only sees the message, the userID, and saidit's IP. It will not be visible to regular users of saidit or the IRC chat though, only an administrator of the server.

As another user said, I recommend using a VPN if you really care about this. You can use this site with a Tor browser too, which will also hide your real IP from any of these servers, though it will slow loading times down considerably more than a VPN.

Hope that helps

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Nah, not really nervous about my IP, doesn't matter if only Administrators can see it, I just normally use Tor, like you said, but I am just thinking of switching to Saidit because I am just sick of the other options. One downside is from using Tor is I have to sit and wait for 2 minutes for it to 'verify' I am not a robot.

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If you feel you might be targeted, necessitating asking about the IP, then you probably want to use a VPN or Tor anyways, as a platform about sharing links is one with lots of opportunities for a malicious person get you to click a link to a server they control and log IP access to. With a little creativity and opportunity, they may be able to single your IP out of the list.

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lrn2internet. Whenever you connect to a server, your IP address is revealed to the server out of necessity, that's how the internet works, regardless of if it's a website or IRC network. This is generally logged, but not published. Your IP address is normally only exposed to peers in a p2p network like Bittorrent.