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It’s the new high school diploma.

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I kind of felt that way when I was young, but I'm glad I at least got a four-year degree. I went to a cheap school and was a co-op student, so I did OK.

College actually taught me things, too. Don't discount that part of it. I sucked at programming a computer when I started college. Never had the discipline or the time to learn that stuff until professors forced me to.

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Your experience after university and mine were very different.

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Because since the 70s big busiz and big govt decided that we needed to get ahead in STEM, and quite literally told all teachers to push it. They were told to denigrate blue collar job as only idiots do them, and straight up lie about the pay.

You would be SHOCKED with how much a LOT of blue collar jobs get paid.. here's a few:

Depending on the city, even trash men are making 75k+. You get into electrical, carpentry, etc and you will be making BANK, 6 figure in many cases. We are so short handed in some of these fields we have to import just to get work done.