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If you're on the internet asking random idiots whether or not you'd be a "simp" for dating a hot girl, definitely don't date her. Dodge that bullet for her 😂

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Don't most of these types basically do sex work on the side? And their ultimate goal is usually to land a rich guy that they can be arm candy for? I could be wrong.

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I couldn't do it. I ran through all the smokeshows in my early years. NOT A SINGLE ONE was considerate, or didn't have a disorder. I dated one girl that was just fucking out of this world hot by every standard available, I was constantly being sized up, and at the end of the day, even though I thought she may be grounded more than most, she was a box of rocks and always made hints about money and going back to dancing.

Middle of the road, cute, loyal, considerate and honest. Always the way to go.

And if you take care of yourself and handle your shit, they really fall for you hard if you're even just a tiny bit out of their league.

These fucking sluts need their comeuppance, but will never get it because of simple pathetic men.

Edit: I know you were asking about models specifically, and I dated a couple, or at least they thought they were hahahaha. The one I mentioned above was always getting offers and did some local ads.

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    Shut up dork. Sluts are sluts. It is what it is.

    I dump the models dummy.

    Coming from a mentally ill retard who schizos out with 24 usernames on a website with 45 people, it doesn't mean a lot.

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    Since this is not Shiddit, I guess we can be honest..

    Telling you I wouldn't bang her would be a straight up lie, but I would honestly be uncomfortable in the long run with a woman sharing pics online publicly for simps to masturbate to.. It doesn't matter, she's a model because she shows skin & display attractiveness, she wouldn't made it if she's covered or not making people horny. I mean it will create at some point some issues and I will find myself insecure at some point. I would date but probably no long term plans.

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    Thanks. I mean, I figure intent matters. A model shows off clothing to get women to buy it, while amateur psuedo-porn-stars exploit simps and disrespect themselves and their self-worth for cheap money. But it does raise the point; are actual models really that different from e-thots? Has anyone ever really analyzed it before? 🤔

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    If she's an influencer she'll be on the job 24/7 and you will become part of the backdrop to her show.

    If you're find with that then it's OK.

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    If you're into her, date her. All women are some degree of nuts, so why not give it a whirl? Just remember to hop off once the crazy train gets too much to handle.

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    That she is a model means nothing anymore. If she makes 4x median income then that is legit, if she is intelligent enough to invest most of it. Otherwise she is wasting her best years and not building any skills or a career.

    You aren't a simp if she resiprocates the effection and makes an equal effort.

    You are a simp if you think her being a model makes her special. You are a simp if you are paying for her things or her lifestyle.

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    Ask Tom Brady.

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    Yeah, but his wife is just a horrible person, regardless of career.

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    I can't see myself dating a model. It requires a certain personality type to get into that and there'd never be a click. But in your case I think you're overthinking it. There's no harm in responding to her messages and getting closer. You'll know whether or not it's a good idea by the time it becomes relevant.

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    I can't see myself dating a model.

    i can easily see myself dating and living with one or two supermodels.

    the prettier they are, the faster they go vroom..

    girls that are less attractive tend to be more on the angry side because they have been shunned by men and society, which makes them less desirable to even be around, much less to date.

    ugly girls are always bent out of shape/angry.

    pretty girls tend to sometimes have fewer dating options, because many men are simply afraid to chat them up.

    did i ever mention that i studied counseling? it helps me to understand basic situations in life like this situation.

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    Who asked?

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    I know this is a dead site

    this website is dead because of horrible management.

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    Fucking simp