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I probably do most of the spam cleanup here. Lately CloudFlare is getting so bad that I'm often locked out of saidit for days at a time.

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I'm often locked out of saidit for days at a time.

If cloudflare is flagging you as an undesirable visitor, then you should figure out how to change your IP address.. restart your phone or reboot your router..

I'm sure you know how to do this better than I do, but you can go to to confirm that your IP address has actually changed.

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Cloudflair hates your kind furry

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Signs of a dying platform.

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It's the opposite. It indicates that the spammers think this is an influencial website.

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    Because there's like 100 posts a day of it, and they change usernames every time. And there aren't any full time employees, it's just some volunteers. So why would you expect this place to be spam free? You expect a team of free people to survey this site 24/7 so you never have to look at an ad? Get real.

    This is also exactly the foot in the door that's used to create censorship. So instead of complaining about ads, how about you are grateful to have a place where you can say what you want without being censored.

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    Valid points but I can still hate on it.

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    Fair enough. But you're not exactly stepping up to the plate to help moderate either, so it's just idle words. "Won't someone dedicate their life 24/7 for years to do the super annoying thing I don't want to do?"

    There's a reason there's so much spam, it's because the situation is a bitch and this website is being attacked constantly.

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    I'm not a site wide mod so I am basically powerless but I do ban shitheads from my subs every day. I do all I can do.

    Thank you for your input.


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    Thanks for taking care of your subs, that is useful and appreciated. Sorry if I overreacted, I am just generally tired of people complaining about things they do nothing to fix and often actively make worse, it's like a pandemic especially on text forums

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    Spam posts are not the same as ads; the site isn't getting paid to display them and they generally contain malicious links or link to sites with malicious links. Suppression of such posts isn't a foot in the door for censorship and I'd actually argue the opposite, since spam posts drown out legitimate posts.

    As for this site specifically, plenty of small sites, even ones with only a few admins and no paid employees, don't have issues with moderating spam. Typically all a site needs to effectively combat spam is countermeasures during account creation, such as captchas, and text based filtering for posts.

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    So you're volunteering to do this 24/7 for the next few years yeah?

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    Captchas during account creation are a set and forget solution. Text based filtering does not require 24/7 attention nor does it require more than one person on a small site like this, which is my point. Clearly the site has inadequate moderation tools if it can't handle the type of spam that has been getting posted lately.

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    Captchas during account creation are a set and forget solution.

    Saidit already has this.

    Also text filtering doesn't work if the ad is different every time.

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    Saidit already has this.

    The site may already have it, but the implementation clearly is not effective enough. It's just white text on a dotted background with a slight wave distortion, which in the present day will not defeat anything except basic scripts that don't check for images.

    Also text filtering doesn't work if the ad is different every time.

    Generally a text spam filter would check for things like blacklisted words or phrases (ie "bone conduction"), uncommon domains/subdomains/TLDs, unusual or excessive unicode, or other parts of the overall structure of the post as spammers usually use templates. It's very rare that spam posts would have no identifying characteristics for a text filter to catch.

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    Yeah it could be better, but the attackers just change the ads to different words, or get better AI for the captchas. It's a never ending battle. It requires humans to moderate properly, I think

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    No admins. 👌

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    It's over, saidit has fallen. Billions must be banned.

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    I actually think this site might benefit from a porn section. I know that's unpopular, and to be honest, I know it would be really crappy, but I always envisioned this site as more of a true free speech version of what reddit used to be before 2012 when Ellen Pao took them on their sudden and abrupt downward spiral.

    As far as spam, I agree, but I don't entirely blame the mods. As someone who has modded quite a few forums in the past, filtering spam is harder than you think, especially if you want to avoid getting all authoritarian like reddit.

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    Porn adds nothing and creates the opportunity for people to post illegal porn to shut saidit down. The owners have that rule for the protection of the site. Because they value information more than porn.

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    I'm sorry about your penis.

    But seriously, I do think that's the one valid reason I thought. Sexuality is very easy to weaponize. No matter how much the LGBT whatever thinks they have accomplished, sexuality is still something people react to without logic but rather just on emotions, and somehow no one else realizes it or is allowed to counter. You are absolutely right it would probably get SaidIt shut down quickly.

    I disagree that it adds nothing though. I think people also underestimate how important sex and sexuality is to their psyche or their souls whatever you want to call it. It's as important as rest, or entertainment in general to most people and people who try to stuff it down are among the most dangerous. I understand that religon tends to shame and belittle it, but even in the Abrahamic religions one of the mandates of God is to go forth and multiply. I think this gets under appreciated in dogma. Sex is vital to the human experience.

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    What a retarded reply. Sorry about your brain.

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    You are right. My reply did take a while to develop. That's why I edited it about 5 minutes before your reply.

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    I read the rest of your reply. Glad you agree. The risk is clearly not worth it, and the benefits are extremely minimal. The internet is filled with porn already

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    /s/IdFuckHer /s/GirlButts /s/TheGunt /s/DickSuckingLips

    These are my non porn NSFW subs. I don't post porn but I do post hotness and sometimes non-hotness as a parody.

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    Don't forget /s/butts /s/cameltoes and /s/boobs

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    I can't speak to why the spam isn't caught up-front, but I can say I've reported well over 100 spam posts in the past few days. I report as the SaidIt spam rule rather than a sub, so admins can see it and do something about the accounts instead of it flying under the radar within a sub and to mods.

    I don't understand why the spammers aren't banned/shadowbanned by admins. Why let them continue to exist and shit up the front page? Why is it on mods or users to block them instead of the site curators?

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    Good points. I hit the "Block" link a lot when I am scrolling through "New" to filter them out.