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You seem to be doing an awful lot of complaining yourself here. But don't worry my man. One day you will get laid and all this resentment will pass.

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Oh, probably roughly for the same reason that Americans constantly complain about the economy, about struggling to pay their bills, about being the "little guy," despite living a lifestyle that would have put kings to shame two hundred years ago.

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Easy countries complain the most.

Because if you complain things get better.

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Because its not in their nature to be catered so hard.

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Back when TV had only 3-4 channels it was a marvel. There was almost always something on.

When we went to cable with hundreds of channels it felt like there was nothing to watch, or that whatever you wanted to watch was at the wrong time.

Now with streaming we have almost the ENTIRETY of film and television at our fingertips and we still can't decide what to watch and complain endlessly about the new content.

Choice and freedom are not always the blessing they appear to be, especially for those who don't like to make choices. How often have you seen a woman be able to decide where to eat? Yeah apply that to their entire lives.

I'm not trying to be misogynistic, it's just that for the most part women despite always complaining about being told what to do, are absolutely miserable without someone telling them what to do. Men too, but with women it's definitely worse.

With women though it's not thay they actually want to be told what to do, at least not always, it's that they need to have someone besides themselves to blame when things don't turn out well. They cannot accept responsibility for their own wellbeing, they just aren't really wired that way.

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After the plandemic, I would say this applies to all of humanity.

There is no fundamental difference between men/women. They are the same NPC's who don't want to take personal responsibility. Women are less aggressive about making decisions, sure, but men are less able to take personal responsibility for their own choices, and both want big daddy to tell them what to do