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Crap, I thought this was going to be a joke.

OK, here's my try at a punchline:

Because they found the Nazis very distracting.

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Not bad, not great either but impressive given what you had to work with.

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Because they needed to focus on their homework.

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A lot of them did flee Germany. But I suppose some didn't realize how bad things were until it was too late.

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Or they ignored what was happening to other people.

I was widely known early on that political prisoners were being sent to concentration camps and neighbours would threaten each other with Dachau during minor disputes.

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Or they ignored what was happening to other people

Everyone knows about Guantanamo prison and it's still operating.

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We are talking on a bit of a bigger scale in Nazi Germany though.

Most people legitimately thought they could write a nasty letter and get their neighbour carried off if they wanted. That's not the case in the modern West. This also happened in countries when the Germans took over like France, even though they were giving people over to the enemy.

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It wasn't as if they had any choice. They were forced at gunpoint and in great horror to board those trains to the concentration camps. Nothing that has happened in the course of human history, save for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaka, stands as a greater Damning of Human nature than the travesty and horror of the nazi concentration camps. If you ever need proof that humans are truly evil, just read about the history of what those sick perverse nazi monsters did.

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North Korea is even worse

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I agree with that. I really hate what's going on there, and feel horrible for the people entrapped in that country.

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Seems you failed history class, America did far worse than the Nazis ever did. As for the concentration camps you should read up on that as well, such as why was the gas chambers and crematoriums destroyed then just gas chambers rebuilt according to jewish descriptions. Try researching Kadaververwertungsanstalt or The German Corpse Factory .

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Seems like you failed remedial history class, and are nothing but a piece of human scum as I suspected. To hell with your and your god damned suggestions, stuff them back up your filthy asshole where they came from.

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Wow a shit for brains jew.

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If you ever need proof that humans are truly evil, just….

Look in your mirror.

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I do, I love my looks and that at least is proof that there are some good people like me around to balance out child raping scumbags like yourself.

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Back in 1933 -35 German officials ask the jews to leave Germany and even offered to pay them to leave.

Most shops of the day was owned by jews, German shop owners would give credit to customers but the jewish shops even had signs no credit.

Look at old videos, 1000s of prisoners and maybe 100 German guards, why did the prisoners fight back ?.

If they were "death camps" why bother building barracks just to kill prisoners. Look at how the US treated German prisoners.

The prison camps was real and prisoners had to work for Nazi Germany however with wide spread typhus epidemic the only way to slow the spread was burn the bodies but the jews made up lots of shit to get what they wanted. There was a documentary on line using mathematics to disprove the 1000 bodies an hour being cremated story but liberals removed it.

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Because George Soros ratted them out.

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Because George Soros ratted them out.

Someone's going to think this is a joke but it is 100% fact.

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It seems perhaps a little... stupid... to say that it's 100% fact that the Holocaust was caused by a thirteen year old boy.

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Correct. Perhaps you shouldn't say it, then. You *do* seem to be the only one considering it.

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It's not a fact at all. Soros took refuge with a tax collector who was hiding his own jewish wife. The thirteen year-old Soros was never a "collaborator" who "ratted out fellow jews". This is a stupid story Alex Jones buttgoys tell so they can put a kink in the libertarian-to-nazi pipeline and pretend that jews like Soros, whose observed behavior is exactly that which incited hatred of jews in the 20th century, are somehow "nazis" and should be opposed on that basis. The CBS interview that is cited, mendaciously, as the source for this lie, directly refutes it. Soros is a liberal. What Soros buys with his money, acquired through speculation on currencies, is "Democratic" "Open Societies", which is what FDR and his Progressive movement sought. The opposite of the political conditions Soros buys with his money is a closed society which defers to the needs and culture of its native citizenry, and this is what Soros' shills call "nazis" because it is what the NSDAP wanted for Germany.

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You seem angry. Didn't read.

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They heard it would be a real gas.

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It was fake gas.

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Because they liked free housing, free food, swimming pools, futbol leagues, orchestra concerts, brothels, and so on.

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They didn't have the weapons or balls to resist.

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You will never be in greater danger than when you are in state custody.

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With the benefit of hindsight it is easy to say that, should the Nazis come to your home in the night, it is better to drag as many with you to hell than to go to the camps.

With the benefit of hindsight.

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Because a thousand organized people are stronger than a million disorganized people.

It's like asking: given that there are far more criminals than cops, why are criminals willing to go to jail?

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Well, understand that at a certain point after the war was underway, a prison camp was as safe as a refugee camp. When the soldiers tell you to gather your shit and get on the train, you do it in either case.

What cannot be squared with human nature is the conduct alleged of the so-called "Sonderkommandos" from whom we get all of our first-hand witness testimony of the alleged "machinery of death", coincidentally.

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It was all they could afford.

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Reminds me of the Eddie Murphy slavery bit