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Because they were considered nonwhite for centuries.

No one is objectively any race, because race isn't real, and racial categorizations constantly change.

In 1850, Irish people weren't categorized as "white" - they were referred to as "negroes turned inside out" and they were drawn to look like this:

In 1900, the U.S. Census recognized five races living in the United States: White, Black, Chinese, Japanese, and American Indian.

In the 1940s, Hitler had a complicated racial system that counted Norweigians as White but Finnish as Nonwhite, and categorized all Jewish people as part of the "Semitic" race.

Today, we still have no consistency at all over questions like whether Hispanic is a race, whether Persians are white, whether Jews are white people, etc.

Because it's all fucking made up.

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This guy is parroting Noel Ignatiev in a post asking why Jews aren't considered white? In other words he is literally demonstrating the reason.

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Jews themselves do this. They continually trash and incite hatred of whites while declaring the same off limits to Jews. Obviously not all Jews do this, but a wealthy, highly organized and powerful segment do, and other Jews go along with it.

So people have said, wait, if Jews are white, why are they always undermining and attacking “fellow whites” While aggressively promoting Jewish interests? Its obvious the bulk of organized Jewry sees whites as enemies and rivals, not family.

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Only faggot gender studies students think white Jews aren't white.

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jews come in a variety of skin colors - its supposed to be a religion