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I don't remember Vulptex insulting the other people on this site like you are doing. Name calling drags down any conversation. Because you brought him to my remembrance, I just prayed for him. I appreciate that he volunteered to moderate, and the censorship here is almost non-existent, so he did not cause problems for me.

If you do not like someone, you could just ignore them, and post what you want to say anyway. Those with an affinity for your posts will find you.

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I can't just ignore people who censor me.

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for once, i agree with you

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Yes. He left a few weeks into the cloudflaremageddon

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Damn, I wondered about him too but it looks like that furry troon run away from here.

Oh well...🫲🤡🫱

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He sure is nuttier than a fruitcake. Let's see, shall we?
u/Vulptex, are you still here and u/fschmidt would like to know your feelings on Hitler.

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Yeah, he's gone, he's over at now.

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oh good, I'm still bullying him then that's nice

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I always liked him and that dude was laboring away for free removing spam for our tranny hating asses.

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That too, but he's definitely crazy and reacts amusingly sometimes.

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/u/musky wrote a poem for me..

Ed was a man who had nothing at all No loving wife, no kids, no dog He suffered from mental health issues He struggled with depression and anxiety

He lived in a small and dingy boat He had no job, no income, no prospects He spent his days in isolation and fear He tried to cope with medication and therapy

He joined a very niche forum online He thought he'd find some support there He wanted to share his feelings and thoughts He decided to program a bot for them

He worked on his project day and night He wrote the code, he tested the bugs He hoped his bot would be a friend He hoped his bot would understand him

But when he finally finished his bot He found out that the forum was dead No one was there, no one cared His bot was useless, his bot was alone

He looked at his screen and felt a pang He realized he wasted his time and life He had no one, he had nothing He was alone on Christmas Eve He was alone with his bot

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Vulpix is a wannabe tranny and Furry, so I don't see how he could be a Nazi as Nazis would not tolerate people that nutty for a second.

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There were plenty of tranny nazis.

Most troons are straight so they had no problem with them.

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He's been gone for a while now