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Your vevor has a carbon "filter" at the nozzle that is activated charcoal in a bag. Bits of charcoal are being released into your water. Should be harmless. But the brain damage has already been done considering you are trying to filter water that is already as clean as you can measure.

If you want cleaner water get a RODI system. Unless you have a water meter.

You can also just run the distiller first, then the zero water filter. Or run it through that filter again. But you are getting silly at this point. Use the distiller to brew beer like a real man. And get a reef tank to justify the RO system. If anyone asks the filter is for the fish.

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If you want cleaner water get a RODI system. Unless you have a water meter

Is that because you're throwing a certain amount of water away constantly? My standalone RO unit has a 3:1 drain, which seems common among standalone units. Only 1/3 of the water is used, the other 2/3 is waste.

I wasn't sure if that's particular to standalone units or the method itself.

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I'm pretty sure they all do it, but I'm not an expert. Certainly all the consumer grade stuff will because it would get really expensive to try to save water and then deal with the concentrated contaminants. You can always divert the "wastewater" into a garden.

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I'm not so sure wastewater needs quotations in my case, my tank after filtration has an oddly sweet smell to it. I've heard of water tasting sweet from limestone, but smelling sweet? That's something funky.

I don't worry about tossing it, every time I flush my toliet it's 5 gallons and then every friggin bottle water company and plenty of other industries are using water like it's going out of style.

I think it's weird we put water conservation on regular people.

And it's still relatively cheap, although I do remember when water was free.

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Lead tastes sweet. Have you ever thought about getting it tested?

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Maybe I should. I rely on the water tests they do at the local MUD and they look okay... but who knows between here and there what happens to the water.

Now lead tastes sweet, but I don't think it smells sweet.

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I agree with @Canbot, don't worry about it. Use the distiller to make some alcohol, make sure it's over 100 proof, then drink that instead of water.

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TDS != poison

you've got a filter that is shedding solids into your water. Send it to a lab and find out what's in it.

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Don’t buy anything from China, ever. It’s all toxic meant to kill us.

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Huh, that is very odd. I am not sure. This is sort of a nightmare situation for me where my TDS reading goes up and I have no idea why.

Did you clean the water distiller as per manufacturer directions?

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"It can effectively dissolve solids, VOCs and other impurities, providing you the pure distilled water to drink at your leisure."

It reads like Vevor dissolves solids, volatile organic compounds and "other stuff".

Which if true, would explain the increase in tds.

Probably another example of chinese made brands trying to kill you.

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Sounds like you've got a snake oil leak

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That's why I don't drink tap water, I gather my water from a source, filters won't save you.

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But they literally will. You can filter out everything.

Meanwhile fracking has fracked all the aquifers and chemtrails are coming down in the rain

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Just big stuff. Molecular stuff like fluoride gets thru the filters.

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Incorrecto. RODI can filter out fluoride.

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They say so but common sense says otherwise. H2O wouldn't make it thru.

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The deionizer separates out individual ions.

By your logic all of that stuff is in all water everywhere because nothing can ever get it out. So why drink contaminated ground water when you can at least get cleaner filtered water?

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That's not my logic because I'm not saying it doesn't get anything out

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If the ground can filter it out why would a literal filter that is engineered to do it, built in a special factory where objects like that filter can be created, not be able to do it? Man has far exceeded nature in his ability to create marvels.

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Who said ground could

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What makes water from aquifers clean?

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You've been on this site for one month and the first question you ask is about water filters? "Kinda sus," as the Zoomers say.

In case you're not a troll, you should know this site is the anti-Reddit. Very much free speech, and because of that, you get a lot of trolls and legitimate racists (not the woke "everything is problematic" accusations; real actual hateful people) on here. Just in case you're a Normie who found this place by mistake. It's not for Normies.

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Or short people.

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I have been here longer than you, dope. Have you ever heard of changing user names? How do you pretend like you founded a web site you have been on for 11 months?

this site isn't really free speech so much as Major7 just docent fuck with the website. they really insisted on the triangle of faggotry in the beginning, but they really laid off of that in the past few year. but you wouldn't know about that, would you? because you have only been here for all of 11 months.

you wouldn't know about the people who were banned, and left, because they trolled too hard? or the non stop arguments on live chat. and the drama with that one woman who was on here sending everyone nudes?

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Have you ever heard of changing user names?

Yes, but why would you need to change usernames if you've been here so long, unless you got banned or something. And why would I assume you're an old user when you asked some BS about water filters? Like a mundane Reddit post or something. You know most people on this site wouldn't care about that.

How do you pretend like you founded a web site you have been on for 11 months?

Where did I ever imply such a thing? All I did was state how this place works; I never once said I created the rules or much of the morons on here. It doesn't matter anyway; the site owner has been treating many of the users like complete shit and picking and choosing his "favorites." Because of that, combined with the Cloudflare horseshit he refuses to do anything about, much of the userbase has left; both the good and bad ones.

but you wouldn't know about that, would you?

I knew the history about it before cause so many people talked about it. You seem really butthurt about the "one month" comment; as if I was supposed to fucking know this was your tenth account in five years or something. Why TF would you ask a question about water filters on a site that you already know wouldn't care about that, to begin with?

Like I said, this site is pretty much dead now because the site owner is being a douchebag to me and countless others. I tried to legitimately better this site, clean up spam, get more user engagement, and make it a place people would like (both the normal ones and the hateful psychopaths) even if I shitpost now and then, but I guess because he disagrees with my politics (I hate both sides, and this site is filled with a lot of extreme-rightists) or doesn't like how I talk shit about some of the shitty people on here (potentially because he might be one of those extreme racists who wants to see all minorities dead or murdered), he's started to intentionally ignore legitimate requests and concerns I've had about the site.

I brought up in this post how a user should contact the site owner about spam, and I wrote to him about it, and the site owner did exactly what I suggested and made the guy a mod, but never wrote back to me about it, meaning he's intentionally ignoring user feedback and help. He even went out of his way to thank one guy for cleaning up the spam on here, while ignoring me entirely, despite having done an equal amount of clean-up. And he already didn't have a lot of support, to begin with. I guess I now see why. It's so immature to be that way.

He lost support with me because of that, so I'm no longer going to help him with anything; site engagement, cleaning up spam, trying to get users to still use this site for anything, and all of that. All I wanted was a free speech platform, and maybe a way to better block no-life stalkers, and he had to go and fuck that up. I'm unsure if I'll even get to post my own stuff now. I have no reason to engage with the remaining users on this site since most of the ones who are still here are said unemployed psychopaths and no-life weirdos.

So I guess you were right about the "triangle of faggotry, people who were banned, and the nudes woman."