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Was sneako ever human or have we all been upvoting bot posts literally for years?

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Some people focus on doing the right things for themselves. Some people obsess about what others do.

Only one of those is a healthy way.

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Its not the womans fault youre unattractive. Its your parents fault. MAybe if you rode that bike in the garage once in a while instead of pornhub.

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Don't hate the player, hate the game, or your own lack thereof.

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So you won't be doing anything AND will be blaming yourself for there being 0 opportunities to talk to a girl.

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Consider investing into a reliable ready reference you can pick up and study to better prepare yourself for engaging the opposite sex. I'd suggest that you get yourself a copy of Doc Love's "The System: The Dating Dictionary". Doc Love, who until his passing was also known as Tom Hodges, wrote a weekly advice column that's archive is mirrored on several mens focused sites and a podcast. His media is a bit pricey, but it's a solid foundation a guy can branch out from in RP aware circles. I'd suggest you review his advice column to decide if his view on dating and relationships is aligned with what you aspire for yourself. To save yourself a search, give this scribed link a gander to find out if his book is something you'd like to add to your library. It should also be available on libgen.

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What?? Chad doesn't graduate college in 3~ months. He isn't the guy trying to take 28 classes a semester. He's the guy taking History of Basketweaving for an easy A so he can devote more time to partying.

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They they'll parlay their MBA doctorates in finance into lucrative gigs trading options for a million dollars per month and live satisfying lives on Wall street, where they will make love to a different super-model every night and wake up to a gormay breakfast prepared by 5 star michellin chefs every morning!

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Gormay lol (also Michelin only rates up to 3 stars)

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I had a threesome once. It's cool and all, but it starts to feel like work. I was constantly thinking about if I was ignoring the other chick - If you're balls deep in one woman you don't want to leave the other one just sitting there or playing with the other girl for so long that she's feeling left out or unattractive... Looking back, I reckon if I'd had more of them I'd have gotten used to the idea of focusing on one girl at a time more and not getting all lost in my own head.

But a foursome? Nah. Are we talking two couples? I don't think I want to be having sex and making eye contact with another dude or seeing someone else's cock in a woman I'm about to have sex with.

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Promiscuity is a social problem derived from the faulty personal choices of the idiots who practice it and promote it. It is not the personal problem of anyone who wants to stop it, although we could argue it is an indirect result of many bad personal choices on the part of bad individuals.

So isolated individuals shouldn't try to do anything to stop Chad. As an isolated individual, even if some deranged vigilante were to exterminate a hundred Chads, there would be plenty more to take their places. It would be like fighting a cockroach infestation with a butane cigarette lighter and some flammable liquid -- highly dramatic, but absolutely unproductive in the long run.

If you want practical social action to correct the wrongdoing of promiscuity, then you need collective action, and for practical purposes, you probably need religion. Are you prepared to actually live your personal life according to the painful constraints of religion? Maybe you are, maybe you aren't.

Chastity may seem like a good idea, but the fact is that human populations must breed, and pair-bonded sex is the practical way to produce human babies. An ideology that promotes childlessness will die out in a few generations.

I do not endorse pro-natalist religions (such as Islam and Mormonism) but I fear that they will gain undeserved social power because their adherents tend to have grandchildren.