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Honestly I'd just have more sex with them. "Black" women just have the best legs. I mean, "white" women can have decent legs, but they're full of freckles and moles and imperfections. "Black" women have legs like an endless well-musculed sea of cocoa butter.

So, basically, make me dictator, and I'm gonna lick a lot of "black" chicks' legs. It'll basically be my greeting. I'll shake men's hands, honk "white" women's boobs, and lick "black" women's legs.

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Then make sure you get one that doesn't. Test them medically, and then send away the dirty ones.

You could go down to the carribbean and get a hot virgin one

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They age much better too.

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Maybe black women also have freckles and moles and imperfections, but their dark color covers them up. Kind of like black socks.

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I'd do what they do in black countries, strict 3Rs focused schooling, let the church enforce social shaming, encourage self sufficiency for those with a bit of land.

Frankly I'd also test all the kids for dyslexia and food deficiencies.

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Yes, I hate all modern people, but saying what I would do to them if I had the power would violate SaidIt's rules. (Hint, after doing it, they would no longer be around.)

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fschmidt and others at s/depadealtright have argued with me about this in the past, normally in this sequence:

  1. Academic published a paper [with bad data] on slightly lower IQ of blacks

  2. What about Egyptians? Sub-Saharan African descendents.

  3. Therefore all blacks shouldn't be in the US [obviously a low IQ perspective, however]

  4. What's the plan? Top secret "alt right" plan [admission that there's no agreed plan]

  5. Any ideas? Deportation and extermination.

  6. All non-whites? Yes

  7. Including those with a non-white great-great-great-great-grandparent? Yes

  8. So, everyone? No - there are some Scandinavians who've never had non-white relatives.

  9. Ethno-states don't work and are impossible. Sure they do - look at Israel.

  10. Exactly: Israel's the perfect Nazi state

  11. Rinse, repeat

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Academic published a paper [with bad data] on slightly lower IQ of blacks

Yeah, there are some racist academics who tortured the data to produce papers like that. Still intelligence is highly heritable. We may find in the future that some groups of genetically related people have a higher average than others as some point in the future. But we're not there yet. On the other hand we do know that children of parents with very different genetics are taller, stronger and smarter than ones who's family tree doesn't branch.

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And the funny thing about IQ of Black's (if it is 85 on average) it's still average, just low average. Low average is like 85-94, mid average is 95-104 and high average is 105-115. Also, class has a lot to do with the IQ too. I'm lower-middle class and I did grow up low income for several years as well.

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Also, class has a lot to do with the IQ too.

Yep. And not just having books and intellectual conversation around when growing up. There's also nutrition and pollutants ... especially heavy metals like lead and mercury.

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Sure, send whites back to Europe, blacks back Africa, and everyone else back to Asia.

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I wonder where ethnic nationalists want to draw the line in terms of racial purity.

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Almost always right in front of themselves. Anything lighter/darker than them must go!

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If that were true then the left wing rhetoric would easily win any argument and the left would not have to avoid discussion the way they do. The reason you do not hear anyone actually arguing that is because it is a strawman argument that you made up.

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It seems more like hyperbole.

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Why wonder and not ask?

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Well if you have an answer I'll read it.

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I'm not an ethnic nationalist. I am just scientifically honest, which puts me at odds with science denialists. This is interpreted by left wingers as racism because they deny scientific facts as part of their ideological propaganda.

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Is this unlimited power, or within modern science?

If it is unlimited I would make them intelligent. That would solve almost all the other problems.

If I am limited to what is possible selective breeding to improve the gene pool in any way possible. Stop the left wing propaganda and allow people to deal with reality.

If I am limited to what is pragmatic then segregation. Not forced, anyone can live anywhere they want but no one is forced to live with anyone they don't want to live with. Force news organizations and schools to stop their anti white propaganda. Stop affirmative action. Enforce equality within the law and government programs. Stop CPS from placing white children with black families while telling white families they have to take black children. Audit data that has been fraudulently recorded by left wing propagandists, like crime statistics and put protections in place to prevent fraud in the future. Reform academic institutions that have become corrupted by politics and ideology.

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It's almost as if "reverse racism" doesn't solve the underlying condition. Who.would have thought???

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I'd save the blacks from their shitty cultufe.

First I would eliminate hood culture and replace it with something good.

All racist organizations that promote black pride and sexual immorality, destroyed completely. Equality, NOT equity.

Black school will be made as good as white schools. Black criminals will be punished like white ones. No more in group out group crap. It will be socially unacceptable for ANYONE to use ANY racial slurs. You can't say nigger, even as a black.

Black history month will be destroyed and replaced with normal history (which they don't teach no more) that includes the achievements of ALL races in America. Credit where credit is due. Kids will learn about George Washington Carver, but also about George Washington.

All poor black neighborhoods will all be gentrified on the governments dime, as will poor white ones. The inhabitants will still be able to live there.

All black gospel churches will be destroyed, and replaced with Catholic churches. the catholic church is the only real one, race shouldn't matter.

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Wow! This block user feature is the coolest thing ever.