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Adam Lanza lifestyle

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I looked up who that was and that name is the name of a mass shooter from 2012. Some people become horrible people because they’re treated horribly I can’t be motivated to become bad after being treated Badly because revenge doesn’t solve anything. Random people don’t deserve to have bad things happen to them just because someone went around dealing with they’re struggles in the worst way

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He had autism like you. Mad that he couldn't get a gf, took it out on his mom.

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This is a troll's penis.

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you're a beta.

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How old are you?

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I’m thirty two years old

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First of all, every kid and pet from the eighties and before grew up around tons of second hand smoke and we didn't all drop dead. But the main issue is you are a grown ass man dependent on your mom. Get a job and move out and pay for your own shit. Until then give your mom a fucking ride.

I don't actually believe this isn't a troll. But if not it should be.

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I'm a smoker and I've never experienced an animal having an issue from second hand smoke.

I don't know if this helps, but there's nothing particularly toxic about tobacco compared to a wood fire. If you wouldn't mind your dogs being around a campfire once in a while, it's a lot less exposure to have them around a smoker once in a while.

Although you also could try getting your mother a vape or nicotine gum or nicotine mints to tide her over when she's around your dogs.

One day she's going to die, should be nice to your mom and give her rides.

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Three years ago I lost a dog because she had a seizure and a tumour I would not underestimate the harmful effects of second hand cigarette smoke I just want the dog I currently have to stay healthy

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There's not much anyone can do for you besides throwing out general or otherwise useless advice. I wish you the best of luck going forward, but is there anything specific you're looking for as far as information goes?

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He's venting and I get that. But people will be harsh to lazy autistic guys here. Some support the black pill but this ain't that. He's complaining about his mom who wants a ride not picky women. Other places like Reddit he'd get banned for not being woke.

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because women are monsters