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May I suggest going back to reddit with your own kind.

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That's something somebody would say that is a REDditor... commie

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Did I insult you, leave moms basement and see the world.

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Not the ole leave ya mom's basement shit lol I probably did more in two years than you ever did in your fucking life lol

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Saidit would be better without negative comments like this, Brewdabier, ya twat.

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LMFAO at a shitforbrains.

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Don't look just at front page, my personal place to go is (chronological feed of all posts, except subs which removed themselves from /s/all/).

You can block spammers/annoying people or mute whole subs from there.

But yeah, saidit is pretty small (70-150 posts per day on average).

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Alas poor Saidit, never before has there been a tale of more woe, not even of that underage slut Juliet and her pedo boyfriend Romeo.

Any time this site starts to get popular things go tits up. Drama, bad luck, bad actors, and bad management have kept it down.

We have had as many as 76k regular users (when the Ice Poseidon 2 community was banned and migrated here) and as few as 20-30, several times now, that frankly I didn't think the site was going to bounce back from.

There's a couple things working against the site at the moment: we have no dev, we have hardly any administration (which is a mixed blessing), few mods, spammers, Edward (although he's apparently too busy with his schizo girlfriend Janice rn to try and sabotage the site), being blacklisted on Reddit (apparently mentioning us will catch people a ban), and that goddamned Cloudflare check.

Still, there's probably at least 100 regular users at the moment. It's not dead, but it is very... cozy. We were just pushing 200-250 before the overzealous Cloudflare protections went up again and that was just a few weeks ago iirc. We can't seem to break that, and I wouldn't be surprised if we are targeted when we hit that meager threshold.

Although it's nice to have an idea who you're talking to instead of randoms all the time, and to know the same users for years, it's not great for conversation. I could probably tell you exactly how most people here feel about any given subject. A lot of us agree with each other, but it's disagreement that sparks more lively discussion. And probably nobody is ever going to change anyone here's mind so if you're debating, you're doing it for fun.

Personally I love this place. I'll be here until I die or the lights shut off. I've had a lot of wonderful memories, conversations, and met a lot of great people here.

We used to have lively conversations in chat that almost never ended. Cheers to schizo Weegs, the raccoon loving Phooey, the Santa looking Canadian revolutionary Jason Carswell, sexpot Mel, the flamboyantly homosexual co-founder D3, confused trans furry Vulptex, former drug bon vivant Zom, Usher who told everyone she was a dude forever, the people I am forgetting, and the people still there.

We never truly appreciate something till it's gone.

But yeah if you just got banned from Reddit and want this place to be similar, it's not. Learn to ban evade. SaidIt might grow on you if you stick around. A handful of people can really drive this place forward when the will to do so exists . Who knows, maybe we still haven't seen peak Saidit.

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Excellent points - there should be a 'state of Saidit' comment like this on a periodic basis.

I see some of the older users return on rare occasions.

/u/magnora7 would help Saidit by reducing the Cloudflare restrictions, because no one really wants to remain here under those circumstances.

The recent process for the addition of moderators has developed rather well on some subs, thanks to magnora (though there has been some mod abuse by Gravi; new mods have deleted a lot of spam).

Now we need more interesting posts. What can work very well at Saidit that does not work well at other websites are - and I agree with you - controversial posts and discussions, where there are various arguments in the comments. I think other social media websites don't have that kind of "debate" (they're much too civilized).

(We disagree on Juliet Capulet & Ms Janice J.)

Edit: /u/FullRetard, for lulz

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What can work very well at Saidit that does not work well at other websites are - and I agree with you - controversial posts and discussions, where there are various arguments in the comments.

True, but our tolerance does put a bit of a damper on the most vigorous debate. Saying "I hate jews" is controversial on other websites, but since we see it all the time on here, people are either going to agree, disagree in a more civil tone than on other sites, or mainly just not feed the trolls and ignore it. I guess being an adult isn't as interesting as having the fire of youth.

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Those who like it, like it a lot.

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It's pretty sane so far.

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looks that way. but then you can expect the government is watching and people are afraid to speak their mind.

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Look for a niche group.
There is no niche group.
Create niche group yourself.
Talk obsessively about niche.


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"Hey don't call me a pussy ya fucking pussy"