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Because when we reduce the CloudFare settings, we get inundated with so much spam that it makes the site unusable.

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Cloudflare created by guys that previously created something called Project Honeypot. Satanic website:

Founder of Cloudflare Matthew prince, related to Erik Prince of black water fame.

They let this website be hosted for free in return for info on the users.

Saidit uses a "pyramid of debate", why, it's a triangle not a pyramid. Like the food pyramid. It was created by Paul graham, his wife financially backed OpenAI. Cloudflare likely uses our info to train AI on how to debate and appear human.

But if we boycott, do we go to another news aggregator ? The entire internet is like this. We're standing on Tyler durden's porch even tho he (cloud flare) is telling us to leave.

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My beef is once this cloudfare installed then 100% of the time (including this note) each and every time I post a comment or reply it is instantly flagged as failed to submit error 808. Every fucking time. So like this note I copy all, refresh page and go back to comment block and paste and submit and then it sticks. Every. Fucking. Time.

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Feel free to boycott if you don't feel you're getting your money's worth from this website.

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Tcp not Udp ....