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Because no one sensible wants to be caught in the black vs trans war over who is the biggest victim

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The real kicker is of course to claim non-binary status.

What's non-binary mean? Well according to the oxford dictionary it means "denoting, having, or relating to a gender identity that does not conform to traditional binary beliefs about gender, which indicate that all individuals are exclusively either male or female."

What does this mean? Hell if I know. But since it's so vague and basically self determined it means anyone can claim to be non-binary with basically no lifestyle changes and of course nobody can come round and claim "you aren't really non-binary" since you can simply start crying act offended and shut down that "harassment".

So I'm non-binary definitely, why? Well sometimes I wear blue but other times I wear pink. Sometimes I like to watch baseball and other times I like to watch a Broadway musical. Have I made any changes to my lifestyle since finding out I was non-binary? Lol of course not, see I was "always non-binary".

So just claim that for the free diversity points.

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I'm agender. I use sex-based pronouns and have a genital fetish.

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Doesn't work. Blackrock gets on your ass about proof and receipts. Besides that, most of the people in HR are True Believers of the retarded woke shit.

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Need someone to blame for everything still