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Rules: You aren't allowed to murder or deport innocent people.

Aside from that, do what you want

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I guess the Zyklon is out of consideration then.

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Don't be so negative: you can still use zyklon B, but only on people who really deserve it (rapists, child abusers, elder abusers, murderers, etc)

If they are innocent you cannot lay a finger on them.

What do you do to fix their shithole culture and their social problems?

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Then neutering should do the trick.

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The same way you fix the problems in lower-class white neighborhoods: A stable father figure in the household and proper education. What stupid Saidit answer do you want me to say? "Kill them all?"

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Do not interfere, as in Star Trek's Prime Directive.

Trying to solve their problems for them is a bad idea.
It ends up, ironically, making them blame you for their problems,
entitled, child-like, throwing tantrums. That's not a good solution.

The Prime Directive is what should probably have been done for the whole of Africa.

The promiscuity of Africans might be related to a high infant mortality in Africa.
Europeans figured that they'd be kind and bring them actual/scientific medicine
(to replace voodoo/magic, etc.), thus lowering infant mortality.
But this led to overpopulation, famines, etc.
Well-meaning Europeans may arguably have done more harm than exploitative ones.

Of course, left to their own devices, the Africans of the USA may soon revert
to the state they were found in, back in Africa,
some of them literally in the Stone Age, enslaving each other, etc.

Nonetheless, trying to force civilization on primitive peoples doesn't seem to work.

They need to be left alone to eventually become civilized on their own.