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  • Be tall (6'1"/185 cm minimum.)
  • Be in-shape/don't be fat.
  • Have lots of money and wear expensive clothes.
  • Have impeccable hygiene and grooming.
  • Be a douchebag (aka "confidence.')
  • Have low standards. (If you live in North America or Europe.)


  • Alternate route: "Date" queer women (aka "bisexuals," aka lesbians) who won't have any romantic or sexual interest in you, or men at all, but will exploit you for resources, wealth, physical protection, and emotional validation, like a pet/ATM hybrid. That's what simps and cucks do, especially those under six feet.

Do all of this and you too can get you a 4 out of 10 entitled Liberal white woman who's never satisfied and thinks you should be grateful you get to pay for her meals and listen to her First World problems. Good luck!

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There is an alternative.

Find whatever third world country has ladies that get you off the most.

Pay the tribal elder 5 bucks for the hot one.

Bring her home, marry her and fuck her.

She'll be docile and obedient, like a woman should be.

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Demonstrate your value to her. Basically, establish that her life will be better with you in it than without you in it.

It takes a bit of patience and finesse but it's not rocket science.

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Move to a less feminist country.

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The Philippines or Singapore are the only civilized countries that aren't Communist hellholes or Socialist nightmares right now. South Korea and Japan are fighting their own battles against wokeness trying to come in and invade.

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What about El Salvador, Argentina, and Mexico?

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Mexico is a third world shithole, and El Salvador has one of the highest murder rates on the planet (in addition in being a third world shithole.) Argentina maybe? I don't know anything about that one.

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Where have you been in Mexico? El Salvador has a lower murder rate than America.

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El Salvador has a lower murder rate than America.

It's been dropping a lot in the past five years, but it used to be insanely high.

Meanwhile, crime is skyrocketing in Democrat-run American cities for the obvious reasons of pushing the boundaries of power and seeing how much people will let those in power get away with. Though, Europe started this first in 2015 with all the unvetted migrants raping and killing in Scandinavia. Now it's come to America.