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You and fschmidt should get together and jerk each other off to your immense knowledge and obvious higher intelligence.

Or is he too short?

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    Sorry She/It/Fag, not gonna happen.

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    wunga bunga

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    Bunga wunga? Bunga bunga boo ohh ohhh bazoom.

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    Unga! Bunga! UNGA BUNGA!

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    You taught me a new phrase long ago, when you indicated that too much time here results in 'autist overload'.

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    I just saw a post 7 people commented in and not a single one upvoted. I don't get that because if you don't upvote something it can be hard to see, and if you're bothering to contribute to a post why would you want your own contributions equally going unnoticed.

    Is that retarded behavior?

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    Urgh, fine, here's your upvote! I get it, you need to be socially uplifted through points. Bloody hell, Musky, I'm only asking for a little subtly.

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    Well sure everyone knows I'm a karma whore but I was thinking of this thread:

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    Alright, alright! I'll upvote everyone in the thread, even people I disagree with... But this better triple the number of members who come here!

    Seriously though, I suspect the kind of people who come here don't value the upvote and funny button the way, say, Reddit does. Most people are escaping places where they've seen really inane bullshit pumped to the top of a thread by thousands of clapping seals.

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    I can assume, they don't actually want the thread seen. Were the replies supportive? If so, I have a theory that paid agents are not allowed to vote, as it skews the results of surveys.

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    The replies weren't negative when I saw it. It was regulars commenting. They just gave the thread no love.

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    Your post is low IQ kwetching. If you were more intelligent than the racists you would put them in their place.

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    Amen, bro.

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    be nice to see something on this site that isn't just racist bullshit or incel posts.


    (Sorry, intelligence isn't Saidit's forté. A couple years ago there was a post by a new user who critiqued Saidit noting that attempts at normal discussions at Saidit was like playing chess with pigeons. Anyone remember that mini-essay by the visitor?)

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    Truth has never been your forte.

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    I know that your concept of 'truth' is merely a cut-and-paste of the daily far right misinformation network. None of that's related to Truth.

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    Agreed, that's a better word for what you post. (eg - "Biden border"? Did you not see the bipartisan border bill that the Repuglicans killed because Trump wanted the crisis to continue?)

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    Did you not see the bipartisan border bill that the Repuglicans killed because Trump wanted the crisis to continue?

    At 370 pages? No one has seen it, nor read it. Nor do you seem to understand the meaning of the word "bipartisan". Nor do you seem to understand that Trump is not the pResident.

    Say what is the topic of this thread anyways?

    Rent Free.

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    I read the poison border bill, which wasn't really bipartisan...not like we have 2 parties anymore.

    The bill wanted pallets of tax payer cash build a bridge, create more entries, and make it easier for the invasions to com e in.

    It was a pathetically moronic attempt to "fix the immigration system", instead of addressing the crisis at hand. It was a total fake, looking sucker small minded progressives, who have been baited on the concept of an comprehensive immigration overhaul for decades, as an excuse why no blatant problems needing immediate fixes or stop-gaps due to decades negligence and obstruction, have been fixed in all this time.

    It is the standard fallacy of totality. Dems: "No we won't fix the border crisis, unless we can make a sweeping overhaul into pie-in-the-sky unrealistic childish and wasteful 'solutions', which don't address any of the problems."

    ...the same trick yet again. It is just obstruction. The US public unquestionably voted for a secure southern border, when passing the Secure Fence Act of 2006. The public was defrauded by politicians and never received their double-fence.

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    Thanks for the notes - though one thing I'd want to point out is that passing the bipartisan bill would have funded border security and staff who would have deported illegal migrants at a proper pace. $billions are required for this. McConnell clearly noted that the bill would have passed, but that they had to stop the bill because Trump wanted the border problems to continue ahead of the election. It was widely reported and quoted.

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    McConnel and Johnson are both Democratic plants in my book. They are working very hard for terrible democrat policies and to make the Republicans look like the bad guy while the Democrats are overtly robbing the country.

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    Oh hell no - Moscow Mitch has been LEADER of the worst Republican approaches in the past few decades. Johnson's merely a gimp for the Republican Party.

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    They both are weak and rollover to the corrupt dem authoritarians, putting Republicans and rational legislation in the bench warming position.

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    link us

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    It cannot be found

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    It's funny how half the people who constantly comment to me, are the ones I have blocked (not you) and they never know it because it only works one-way on Saidit. That GuyWhite dude is a redneck, trailer-trash, inbred sister-fucking, Conservative-stereotype, piece of shit who I blocked long ago, yet he constantly shows up on my posts and I can see the username, but his comments are blocked. So many people I have blocked on here and they constantly follow me around, typing trollish shit that I never even see, wasting their time like the morons they are. Guys like that make up like 50% of the Saidit userbase on here. Another 40% are just the same type of people, but on the far-left. I'm all for "taking the good with the bad," but like I said, can we get some shit that isn't just "kill the darkies" and "exterminate women" bullshit? I mean, I'm kind of on the red-pill side, but these guys are on the far-extreme end to the point of being caricatures.

    Someone commented on here that they're all refugees from VOAT, POAST, Poal, and other failed Reddit/Twitter clones that only came here after r/TheDonald got banned. I guess if so, that makes a lot of sense why so much of Saidit's users have collected to be a giant shit-patch in the middle of the ocean.

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    You blocking everyone says a hell of a lot more about you, than it does about anyone else, pussy shortround.

    Nobody is following you around retard. You post dumb shit, we say what we want. It doesn't have anything to do with you. For fucks sake.

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    Yeah. I recall D3rr lamenting that the successes of new far right websites 3 or 4 years ago - after they were banned by Reddit - drew users away from Saidit. Magnora and D3rr had seen before that Saidit's usefulness as a place for Redidtors who were sick of mod abuse at Reddit. Magnora said back then that he did not expect Saidit to become far right, as he witnessed that happening 3 years ago. He had that discussion on Reddit. One response from a Redditor to Magnora 3+ years ago, when he invited them to Saidit, the Reddit alternative, was: "those schizo dumbasses"? Saidit can do much better to improve its reputation, especially if assholes can be dealt with. But I don't know if that will ever happen. I think there are only 3 or 4 users here who are somewhat left of center, only 2 of which are here almost daily or every other day. I agree with your post because I've witnessed the many reasons Saiditors leave Saidit, and the #1 cause is that there are some incredibly dumb and mean responses from some of the users, and the #2 cause might be the lack of activity, discussion and upvoting. One would perhaps think that political opinion drives users away, and perhaps it does, but everyone here seems to like to argue about politics, even if they get emotional or angry about it. So I don't see that as a primary problem. Saiditors are often identifying 'us' as a far right conspiracy website and telling anyone who is not like that to 'go back to Reddit'. This is of course another dumb aspect of Saidit. I think it's good for 'us' to take stock in what's happening here periodically and I thus appreciate you 'asking Saidit' fort their views.

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    Thank you.

    Yeah, I remember back when the internet used to be good and free speech actually existed prior to 2012. There were always 40-50 year old edge-lords and manchildren around, so that's nothing new. It comes with the territory if you want free speech. The thing that bothers me with the crusty, middle-aged racist edge-lords here though, is the fact that they're insanely stupid AND they only ever talk about the same shit over and over again. And none of it even has an ounce of truth or realism to it. They're like Flat Earthers who are on the sex offender registry: stupid and horrible people.

    It's like, they legitimately think black people are the cause of every issue in Western society but overlook the white people who also do crime as well as any other race, especially disproportionately more violent crimes like rape, murder, and mass shootings (not that it's a competition.) They ignore socioeconomics and things like lower income neighborhoods of all ethnicities, experiencing crime due to a lack of resources. You know, common sense shit? They also overlook the politicians who are soft on crime. To use my post from the other day as an example, it'd be like getting mad at whores on OnlyFans, but ignoring all the simps that contribute to that environment, while also ignoring the financial backers that want that kind of environment.

    It's not like you see the Obamas or Oprah's family shoplifting shit in Beverly Hills. But they're so fucking retarded, they can't see anything but a microcosm of one issue and they extrapolate their entire worldview from that. It's the same exact shit as the woke Progressives do in whining about "racism" while ignoring the fucking last president before Trump was elected, or the current vice president. These smooth-brains already made their decision on something based on extreme confirmation bias. And it's not even a "I see these people as lesser" kind of passive racism; it's a full-blown fear of "THEY'RE GONNA WIPE OUT ALL WHITES" kind of panicking. Which is why a tiny bit of me feels sorry for them. They're operating on paranoia and fear and being perpetual victims the same way the left does, but their victimhood is "justified" because some stupid female protagonist in a Disney movie said something awful about white people, forgetting it's fucking Modern-day Disney. As if they still have value.

    But no; these pants-shitting old-farts only just see one corner of one issue and ignore the cause of it. Especially considering those in power want division and anger among these cockroach redneck trash, anyway. It's all a big game of "Divide and Conquer" and here they are thinking they're waxing philosophical on Saidit while posting about "killing niggers and Jews." How can anyone take these wastes-of-semen seriously? They're as bad as the Progressives they think they're morally and intellectual superior than. It's why I'll never call myself a conservative even though a good 60-70% of my values currently lean right.

    And the thing is, I wouldn't care if they could shut the fuck up and talk about something else, for once. Or not be so extremely fucking retarded and low-IQ while saying the dumbest shit in existence like the unblockable Canbot admin on here. Motherfucker is pants-on-head retarded like a fourth wave Twitter feminist, yet thinks he's some high-brow intellectual smoking a cigar on his yacht when he says shit like "kill niggers." It's literally the conservative version of an internet atheist from Reddit circa 2011. I should start referring to these people as Red Fedoras.

    Hell, it's fucking Nick Fuentes! That's exactly the kind of small-dick, extreme-right, clearly-gay-but-in-denial energy they give off! Fuckin' Nick Fuentes subscribers! That's who they are!

    And both the left and right fail to see they don't have a single original thought of their own and regurgitate the same shit they've seen parroted to them by The Daily Stormer, The Young Turks, Andrew Tate, CNN, Nick Fuentes, Destiny, etc. You wanna talk about "NPCs?" Nothing is more of a puppet than people in 2024 saying the same shit you've seen on 4Chan back in 2007, but unironically and not even trying to be edgy, and thinking they're some big-brain intellectual while comparing the skin color of people to intelligence and nothing else. An intelligent person criticizes thoughts, beliefs, ideologies, patterns of behavior, etc. Stupid people criticize entire groups of people merely for their existence, and nothing more. (Note I've criticized these people for being stupid, but more so, I've criticized their actions, behavior, and flawed beliefs. None of them are smart enough to get into deeper thoughts beyond "I hate blacks, Jews, and gays because they're not like me and a few of them are thugs.") They're gonna make more Progressives out of Gen Alpha in how dumb they are.

    I know it's moot to point out that extremely stupid people are extremely stupid, but like that one episode of Futurama with Fry and the planet of geniuses, a self-aware moron is already smarter than most of his peers. A mentally-retarded idiot who thinks he's smarter than everyone else in the room is... Well, Canbot. And about 80 other users on this site.

    And you're right: It's still better than Reddit, which is even worse and filled with equally stupid people who just happen to be on the woke left. No wonder so many people left this site in the past. But I just like having a place to be creative and vent out my frustrations on the world. I do not give a fuck if a single person reads my posts on /s/Random_Shit or not; it's basically my own journal and blog on the internet. THAT is what I appreciate about this site. I couldn't even fucking have that over on Reddit without some soy bitch getting angry about it and banning me, despite it being an empty sub.

    I guess the TL;DR of all this is, I wish the Block function worked better and that more non-retards who come here would use it more. Everyone's entitled to a mouth, but no one is entitled to someone else's ears.

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    Thanks for this incredibly thoughtful discussion of the difficult issues at Saidit. I'll have a look at /s/Random_Shit.

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    So remember, when you're feeling very small and insecure
    How amazingly unlikely is your birth
    And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space
    'Cause it's bugger all down here on Earth

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    For instance, on the planet Earth, man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins

    because he had achieved so much—the wheel, New York, wars and so on—

    whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time.

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    Yep. With your push for abortion, birth is unlikely.

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    nope since stormfront and poal shut down this has become their meca... and somehow its still better than reddit tho.

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    Nah, Upgoat is better for most of us folks.

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    Poal doesn't seem to be shut down right now?

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    Man i was sure they were crying they were going down a month or two ago.... guess hitler came thru wit a big dono?

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    True, sadly.

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    No, we're all retards here

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    I'm sorry dude but if you're against Whites being appropriately racist, perhaps you're just not as intelligent as you think.

    What is your argument against a White ethnostate?

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    Me. Intelligence is almost extinct, not just on SaidIt but in the modern world generally. So you need to lower your expectations.

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    They were already low from general human interaction but Saidit users sometimes rival Reddit in being retarded.

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    Your post is a beauty. Your call people racist and white supremacists, then say you would like to see stuff that isn’t racist.

    You are in a world of denial about race. You just don’t want to hear about the problems and evils that come with shitskins.

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    It seems to me that there are a number. The moderate ones don't carry the loudest bullhorns, so you need to look through the weeds to find them.

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    Look at you not being intelligent. If you were intelligent you would know that actual racists don’t like Trump because of his support of Israel. The treatment of two distinct things (like groups) as the same thing is a sign of low intelligence.

    “Everyone that doesn’t agree with my dogmas is the same thing”. This is how we get morons who think libertarianism is the same thing as fascism. Or people who think anything is fascism when actual fascism is a dead ideology but for your impulse to label everything fascism motivating some to look into it.

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    Nope I just got here. I haven't been able to post a lot here because obviously I'm busy irl. But I agree. I don't cater to either sides nuttery. Both are the same losers with the same issues as the other. I'm sick of it.

    I have beliefs that are the type to get me hated from both sides. I'm pro abortion which would get me hated from the alt right, and I'm pro gun which gets me hated from the left. I'm one of those few people that believe everyone has a right to decide what they'll do with their bodies and their freedom.

    I'm absolutely anti trans. I don't give two fucks if people are gay, bi, straight. However the T has nothing to do with sexuality at all and is just a bunch of pedophile freaks latching onto these activist groups for attention. Not only that, they know they can't thrive on their own which is why they're included in the LGB making it LGBTQA and whatever other bullshit.

    It's the main reason I refuse to support LGBT. All leftist groups such as Feminism, BLM, LGBT, etc. Are all shit. Look I'm glad we're moving away from religion but I'm pissed we eneded up in another delusional world where we have to accept men can be women now.

    Also Covid was a scamdemic. It proved just how fucking retarded the human race was, and how hypocritical every single human being was.

    But're not alone. It just sucks that there's barely any place to talk about this kind of thing.

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    I have beliefs that are the type to get me hated from both sides. I'm pro-abortion which would get me hated from the alt right, and I'm pro-gun which gets me hated from the left. I'm one of those few people that believe everyone has a right to decide what they'll do with their bodies and their freedom.

    I'm absolutely anti trans. They know they can't thrive on their own which is why they're included in the LGB making it LGBTQA and whatever other bullshit.

    All leftist groups such as Feminism, BLM, LGBT, etc. are all shit. Look I'm glad we're moving away from religion but I'm pissed we ended up in another delusional world where we have to "accept" that men can be 'women' now.

    "Also Covid was a scamdemic. It proved just how fucking retarded the human race was, and how hypocritical every single human being was."

    Are you literally me? I'm just waiting for you to ruin the moment now by saying you're into getting cucked by "bisexual" females (lesbians), you're into into Polyamory or anal, you sub to OnlyFans, or you loved the Snyderverse movies. There's always that one thing to ruin the moment.

    But for real, I couldn't agree more. I've felt like an alien my entire life, but in the absolute demoralized fucking Clown World that is the 2020s, I now all of a sudden feel like the only normal person left on Earth between woke pronoun/trans assholes and alt-right "White Ethnostate" legitimately-racist/actual-incel assholes. Insert your own "Idiocracy" reference here.

    I've been checked out since 2015 though, so almost nothing surprises anymore, except maybe the "Summer of Mostly Peaceful Protests" that was 2020. I still can't believe America got that retarded over a fucking drugged-out career felon.

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    I am smart! S-M-R-T!

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    The Trumps are kikes fool

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    I wouldn't call people over here necessarily stupid, just very stubborn in their own way.

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    With you till the end but racism and incel problems are high iq topics.

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    What you should have posted is "how would you feel if you hadn't had breakfast yesterday?"

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    No, not any of the actual-racist, White Ethnostate, white-trash retards licking Trump's ball sack who're just as bad the leftists they complain about…

    That’s me. Nigga, just because folks disagree with you doesn’t make them stupid. I got a chemical engineering degree, and an MBA from a well known Massachusetts university. And I hate niggers too.

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    Incels are very high iq. If you want intelligent discussion about the blackpill and incelphobia join s/realincels

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    Ask them about 'green line theory'. (They're morons.)

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    If incels are intelligent, then why do they give so much attention to people who would want to harm them, instead of just "going your own way" and not giving such people power and control over your life, thoughts, actions, and emotions? Answer me that.

    Yeah, I get a lot of women nowadays suck and dating is a shitshow and it's worth pointing it out every now and then (not every fucking day), but couldn't you be doing a million other better things with your life than letting women emotionally and intellectually rule over you, like all incels do? How does daily bitching about "Stacys" make your life any better? Sounds like a pretty retarded and counterproductive thing to do, if you ask me.

    [–]Titanic 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Me. The IQ tests say so.

    I'm a high functioning autistic who isn't into woke faggotry or bizarre conspiracies (without cause.)