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All? No. A lot of them are your fault, Sneako.

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Are people who blame other people for their problems, the cause of all the world's problems?

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I think that there's been a certain abuse of the feminist ideals away from promoting the education and development of women into competent leaders and fully contributing members of the community more into a kind of carte blanche to engage in "bitchy" behavior that isn't socially beneficial and engage in more hostility to positions they consider masculine.

I see it more as a kind of weakness of society to simply shit down poor behavior. Women who wish to engage with society as responsible adults are usually welcome, women who wish to engage in petty emotional displays are usually not.

I think the problem is that given a lack of real problems in modern society, the female psyche is somewhat predisposed to finding threats to their home and their clan due to millennia of evolutionary conditioning, in the modern era that often means that they are predisposed to finding problems where none exist and I think the affluent housewife living in a relative life of luxury away from the existential pressures of a substanence lifestyle has a deep psychological need to find problems or dangers in the world that they can fix, and lacking any real problems they will quickly make some or give underserved attention and energy towards minor problems best left alone.

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Only the liberal progressive ones.

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No. Stupid and/or corrupt people put in positions of power, are the cause of all the world's problems.