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My mirror troll on here called me a Passport Bro even though I've acknowledged countless times on here that I'm short and ugly (women in other countries have eyes and high standards too), get annoyed easily by most human beings, and traveled to Asia to work and save up money, not in some desperate attempt to find a low-standards Asian wife. Not to mention, America is burning while troons and illegal immigrants fiddle, so what exactly do I have left for me back in the blue big-city I left? I'm doing well over here and have enough free time to go to the gym three hours nightly, something I couldn't get back in America right now. Why exactly would I ruin that with a chick? Don't get me wrong; I'd love to settle down with a sane, high-quality woman someday. I just don't think anymore single ones still exist; let alone would be interested in a mouthy manlet like me.

Anyway, I am all for Passport Bros doing what they need to do and not giving up on love, relationships, and women and going the blood-redpill, or blackpill. No one gives a flying fuck what liberals and obnoxious TikTok women think about good men telling them they'd literally rather fly to another continent rather than put up with their shit another second longer. Not to mention, to get a passport, pass the background and criminal checks, pass the health clearance, and have enough money to relocate overseas usually isn't cheap; to debunk all the moronic ideas that it's only "broke and low-value men" who become "Passport Bros." If anything, broke men couldn't afford it and low-value men wouldn't bother with the effort.

In all honesty though, women are mostly women everywhere. Yeah sure; so many Western women are feminist shitshows and all, but First World countries also tend to have better quality of life and things like makeup, nice clothes, and healthier food, stuff a lot of other countries have far less of. In other words, the women aren't that much nicer and kinder, but are generally worse looking in appearance due to being poor.

As for the types of women you'd find outside of the West? Korean and Japanese women are mainly just gold diggers and boring as fuck. All the conservative expectations of you being "the provider" for her, but still with all the modern girl-boss shit. Not even worth it, if you're a Passport Bro. And Eastern European women age like milk; they go from 21 to 46 by the time midnight hits on their 30th birthday. Might as well call them "Cinderella Brides." And South American women are decent, but come with drug cartel families and street stabbings everywhere. Going to South America just to get laid ain't fuckin' worth it. Really, you're only going to have good luck in The Philippines, and The Philippines is broke enough to count as a third world country (probably one of the nicest ones in the world, up there with India and Columbia, but a third world country, nonetheless.)

Other than that, if you're a white dude who's at least six feet tall and earning at least $60K a year, you're better off just going to Delaware or Montana or something (or whatever the Canadian/British/Australian equivalents of those places are) than leaving the entire county just to try to get a girl. Like I said, women are women everywhere. The grass really ain't that much greener over here in Asia; there's just less dog turds on it.

As for OP's question: Feminist Asian women are literally cultists. And not "cult" in the woke sense, but the "Scientology" sense. They are literally insane, mentally damaged, and violent knife-wielding psychopaths.

Also, who TF would want a third-world feminist? That's like a fat woman with no tits and ass; utterly pointless and missing their one potential positive they would've had going for them. No one wants a feminist: a woke American fourth-wave one, or one in a hijab who's seen too many woke Hollywood movies.

(I didn't expect this answer to end up this long.)

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women are women everywhere and can even turn heaven into hell

but yeah white women are shit so any other type of woman is an upgrade. for one they aren't 300 pounds and actually look and behave like women

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You know, homosexuals were doing the same shit with kids in third world countries for a century, yet somehow, feminists never called them out... (gays call it the "scene", there is a gay scene in every country, even those that outlaw homosexuality, where rich gay bros have sex with poor local kids).

So feminists only have a problem with "straight" consensual adult sexual tourism. If you're gay or a pedo, you're LGBT so it's OK, feminists will shut their trap.

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Is that why they made Epstein Island?