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Moreover, why is forbidden to deny the holocaust but okay to deny that 9/11 was a conspiracy?

Holohoax: fake and gay, but you get jailed for pointing it out.
9/11: a conspiracy perpetrated by jews but this gets systematically denied on media and anyone voicing a concern gets ridiculed, branded as an antisemite, or straight out murdered.

There is a logical consistency, though, in that truth is forbidden and lies are embraced. I guess that's what we get for abandoning pogroms.

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The real blame for 9/11 lies with the passengers. They let 5 people take over a plane with hundreds of passengers. If I were there that day it would have gone down differently.

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The real blame for 9/11 lies with the passengers. They let 5 people take over a plane with hundreds of passengers. If I were there that day it would have gone down differently.

No, if your mom said yes to be gangbanged by the future hijackers, it would never have happened. Your mom should have taken one for the country instead of behaving like a smug slut. 9/11 responsibility lies with her.

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This discussion sounds like it’s been derailed by funny jokes you made me laugh 😂

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Good one.

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Holohoax: fake and gay, but you get jailed for pointing it out.

This is false, and you should be jailed for such.

Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered thousands of pictures to be taken of the holocaust because he knew people in the future would deny it's existence.


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don't start shit you can't finish. Boths sides are complete retards and don't know how to behave.

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"boTh SidES" eat shit democrat retard

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So we're just going to pretend the slaughter of Palestinians since the late 1940 by jews never happened? Oh that's goes against the bullshit narrative spewed by the jew-owned mainstream media and clown jew lovers like yourself.

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doesn't having a music festival nearby people that are starving and dying in a war tempt fate?

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you don't care about the Israeli killed you mean. only when it's Hamas supporters you'll cry a river.

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Look at the Kadaververwertungsanstalt, so what proof is there Palestinian did this "massacre". Just more bull shit.

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there is no genocide, you call it that.

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    • Hamas was founded in 1987 during the first Palestinian intifada, a popular uprising against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. [1][4][5]

    • Hamas was established by Palestinian Islamists, including Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, who believed in armed resistance against Israel as a means of restoring Palestinian support for the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which was losing ground to other Palestinian factions. [1][4]

    • The creation of Hamas was facilitated by the Israeli government, which had previously helped build up the Palestinian Islamist movement as a "counterweight" to the secular and leftist Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Israeli officials admitted to providing funding and resources to the mosques and Islamic centers that laid the groundwork for Hamas. [2][3]

    • This support for the Islamist movement was part of a divide-and-rule strategy by Israel, which hoped the Islamists would undermine the PLO's secular nationalist agenda. However, this backfired, as Hamas eventually emerged as a much more militant and violent adversary to Israel than the PLO. [3]

    So in summary, while the immediate trigger for Hamas's founding was the first intifada, the group's origins can be traced to earlier Israeli policies that inadvertently empowered the Islamist movement as a way to weaken the secular Palestinian nationalist movement. The search results indicate that Hamas arose in part due to this history of Israeli aggression and interference in Palestinian politics. [1][2][3][4][5]

    Citations: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

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    It's called forced guilt, 80 years of bull shit has made the world idiots.