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Apparently someone doxxed the site administrator and he started getting threats in real life, so he shut it down.

(Not that I support death threats, I'm just saying what allegedly happened)

In a thread full of people cheering and celebrating some forum closing down, this person has the gall to actually just come out and say: "Oh, actually, one of us exposed his personal information and threatened to kill him, which is wrong and should never happen... Anyway, YAY! I'm glad it happened!"

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You're surprised Redditors are some of the shittiest people alive? These MF'ers tried to dox me on a job subreddit years ago because I asked a question about job hiring. Had absolutely nothing to do with politics or saying anything offensive and they literally went out of their way unprovoked to dig up three years worth of back-post history to find out I "supported Donald Trump" by voting for him, and didn't like the idea of transpeople teaching kids in schools and libraries. And they tried to dox me on the sub for that, to get me fired. But they got my name wrong and was off by a mile. Oh, and this was a fucking moderator who did it. I was shocked they'd go to that extreme because all I did was ask a simple question. They assumed I "must be evil" and probably spent more than an hour "digging up dirt" to smear me, when I had never interacted with any of them before this. It was beyond malicious and unnecessary.

Seriously. I will say 100% that Redditors are some of the few non-violent people I would have no problem seeing murdered ("hypothetically.") They are literally some of the most cruel, vicious, insane, extreme-left people I've ever dealt with in my life. And they permeate every aspect of the site, even non-political subs. The fact they were willing to do that implies to me they're likely psychopaths, pedos, or rapists in real life. Not even literal sociopaths are as immoral as Redditors and Reddit mods.

So yeah, no shit they'd be happy about doxxing and death-threatening people, then PRETENDING to disapprove of it while cheering it on. Everyone's forgotten about it, but these are the same people who drove porn stars to suicide because they didn't want to get STD's from homosexual degenerates in their career. Then cheered and partied once they were dead, but still act like they're the "good guys."

Here's the same waste-of-semen who started that post you linked, laughing about her own dad's misery in another post, by the way. Bet you everything I have she's a "blue-hair" (fourth wave feminist.)

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Man... You really hate mentally handicapped pre-teens, huh?

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The people of the job subreddit I talked about were married and in their 30s and 40s. Mentally handicapped they might be, but children they are not. People who engage in life-ruination and Cancel Culture over the internet or IRL because someone they've never met or talked with before didn't have the same extreme-left politics as them, can get fucked by karma 100%, yeah.

And if you're referring to the OP of that post, I never bothered to check her age, but she's still a pretty terrible person who's mother failed her if she's laughing about her dad like that.

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I was just talking about Reddit in general. It was what the common man calls "A joke".

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Did someone really did the site administrator? If so I’d like to know more about it. I can’t trust anyone online to be honest so I never know what to believe online that’s why I’m not a gullible person online

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I'm sorry, I don't have any more information. I just saw this part of their comment thread and was disgusted by the two faced nature of their celebration. The dude was the one who made the thread celebrating it, then had the audacity to comment how the way it happened was actually bad.

"Great news, everyone! My kids have finally left home. The wife and I have the whole house to ourselves again! We're so excited!!... Huh? Oh, they all drowned when I left the gate to the pool open. It's such a shame when toddlers are left unattended, really disgusting. Anyway, we're thinking about turning their room into a workshop!"

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People who insult incels are incels themselves. Well adjusted people don't even know incels exist.

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  1. Expecting any level of morality or decency on Reddit, is retarded enough itself to already be an active member of modern-day Reddit.

  2. Every society needs its boogeymen. Whether it be justified, like with Nazis in the past, or unjustified, like with "conservatives and Trump supporters" or "Russia" nowadays.

  3. The most judgmental people are often the most shitty. I myself judge actions and behaviors ("hate the sin, not the sinner"), but awful people often judge people as awful. As long as you're not a kid-diddler, molester, rapist, scammer, felon, cheater, or abuser, I can't really hate you as a person.

  4. Inceldom is becoming normalized in modern society, but under slightly different names and (let's just say) 'less pathetic' identities. The Red Pill, MGTOW, The Manosphere, Anti-wokeness, Passport Bros, or just simply not putting up with awful women's shit anymore. The word didn't have the same negative connotations as it did back in 2016, when I heard every shitstain female student on my campus using "incel" and "pick-me-girl" every other word.

So fear not: We're winning the Culture War, but the enemy has more money, power, and influence still, so it's long from over. Blackrock won't give up that easily. November 2024 will really tell how the tides will turn.