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No there isn't, you are the only useful human left. And that's not saying much for what I see everyday. You're just not good enough. Try harder.

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Me. But unlike actual useless people, I don't need to brag about supposed achievements or productions of value in my life over the internet, especially on a site mostly filled with Neo Nazis. What I do in my job and for others in my life (while getting nothing in return from it, cause they're mostly just using me) proves to myself I'm not just another selfish taker who gives nothing in return.

I get what you're saying though and agree in the sentiment that 90% of people or more, are useless, selfish parasites to the species as a whole, especially and specifically anyone who would refer to themselves as "average." That is the most disposable, worthless, valueless trait a human being can have and I have ZERO respect for anyone who would value themselves so uselessly. To devalue their own worth with such a word. Even bad people and terrorists "contribute" more to the world than selfish parasites who only just consume, shit, and exist, but literally contribute nothing for the species, positive or negative, beyond consumption of resources.

That is what "average" is to me: being insignificant and a worthless parasite of a human being. The human brain is capable of so much thought, art, intellect, and beauty, and yet the majority of people nowadays are parasites eating, shitting, and wasting oxygen, consuming and giving nothing back to society, while getting high on weed, jerking to internet porn, being on welfare or illegal immigrant benefits, or doing pointless no-skill "jobs" literally AI or robots would be better at doing.

Anyone - ANYONE - can give back to society by being a great friend, mother, father, brother, sister, coworker, neighbor, etc. You don't have to be a doctor, lawyer, cop, teacher, soldier, etc., to contribute to society; you just have to not be a selfish, lazy piece of shit. And most human beings in the modern internet age of sloth and narcissism, are exactly that, even in third-world countries right now. And most of our species in the First World have become the space humans from Wall-E.

Self-improvement, effort, and wanting to be a better person who helps others, are seen as "problematic," "racist," and "ableist" nowadays and you're told to just be a useless piece of shit and "consoomer" of products and worthless garbage, while doing literally nothing to make the species, or yourself, better because you'd rather live with your parents, smoke weed, jerk off to PornHub and OF, play AAA garbage games for 12 hours a day, and bitch about "niggers, spics, Jews, trannies, white people, Trump supporters, incels, misogynists, homophobes, etc." on Saidit or Twitter daily, and still think your life objectively "matters" for some reason, because social media echo chambers told you so.

And yet if I were to point this out to others, 90% of them wouldn't understand a single thing I just typed here. Humanity should've had fucking moon colonies by the year 2024 and yet we have TikTok, OnlyFans, and woke culture. I'm both an optimist and pessimist; optimistic to what humanity can and should do, but pessimistic to the reality of what actually is.

So no, I'm not another useless person, but it's damn hard finding others who share my sentiments. Rant over.

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Mostly agree, but the point is that people have changed. A farm worker from the past wasn't useless, he helped grow food. Modern people are too lazy to be an effective farm worker. Modern people are truly useless, much like the citizens of the city of Rome were during the decline of the Roman Empire.

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I fully agree. My whole point is, I still see some hope in humanity getting back to being a useful productive member of the society and world they live in. It'll probably just take something catastrophic like World War III, a new ice age, a true global pandemic like the bubonic plague, or an actual alien invasion, in order for them to do so.

Even if someone like me were to go successfully assassinate Klaus Shwab, Larry Fink, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un tomorrow, the mindset of being lazy and selfish, that's been fostered over decades of luxurious living, would still be around. Believe me; I spent my whole twenties trying to be an inspirational person and world changer, and was fallen on death ears because most people didn't "get it" and didn't care, choosing to be selfish and decadent, rather than actually care about each other. I'm just one person and not even rich or good looking; what the fuck can I do against such odds? This is why I'm complaining about it on, of all places.

This species is kind of fucked, but I haven't exactly given up yet. Just don't know what else will save these creatures from their own sad, pathetic "Children of Men" style extinction (which has already begun with incels and feminists growing in numbers and people choosing not to reproduce nowadays; myself included.) I know they say "All you can do is worry about yourself," but shit, even finding love and a true relationship in this fucking dystopia we live in, is impossible nowadays unless you're already part of the physical or financial 1%. We're kind of past the point of no return, now. I'm guessing 9/11 was the catalyst, cause that's when this Culture War/Active Measures/Great Reset shit of destroying humanity really began (if not the JFK assassination; who really knows when it started.)

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I used to make petroleum fuels in a refinery. But I’m useless now because I’m retired.

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LOL @ the self-implication here

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I write okay songs and short stories and comedy articles. I raise a kid. I like to think I was some tiny part of humanity's effort to reverse aging. Some of my work is still commonly used to explain the telomere theory.

I didn't exactly set the world on fire, but I at least tried to blow as well as suck.

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Okay, you sound like one. You must feel out of place in the modern world of useless scum.