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lol I'm a feminist so I have no issue with the origin of the term but it is an ugly, clumsy acronym so a more pleasant-sounding slang word for us would be great. Ages ago I saw some tumblr user propose that bisexuals who heavily prefer or only go for their same sex call themselves "lavender bi" which I think is kinda cute. I wanna be a lavender bi...

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Really love the lavender bi name, it’s very cute. I also like the idea of using colors as a signal.

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That's cool! Didn't know lavender bi was a thing. I'm thinking of researching some bisexual terminology similar to what I did with the flag post (despite not using these terms really, tbh...I just like to research)...Haven't really found a lot apart from Feb/Meb, tomcat cat, buck |stag | doe, etc.

If you happen to have some resources too(ex. lavendar bi) I'm down!

You always have interesting, insightful, funny comments, haha.

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I wish I had a link or screencap of the post. I saw it twice while browsing random bi tags, but haven't been able to find it again. And wow thank you, I appreciate that! <3 I am glad you keep this sub active, hopefully it grows even more in 2021. 🥂

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Why create terms to fork an already small label?

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Honestly, I think Feb/Meb is the easiest to stick with, and I'm not even a radfem nor a feminist(though I can agree with some of the things they say).

EDIT: Though cinnaflo has some easy acronyms to remember since it already existed before. W4W, M4M but adding "Bi" infront.(BiW4W, BiM4M).

But I would rather say "I'm a bisexual women who prefers women/men" or whoever I was strongly for at the time. I don't really use anything fancy.

...Making more labels might just become more confusing/complicated than needed to be.

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BiW4W would be useful on a dating app, I hadn't thought of that

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Some alternatives for febfem maybe:

Add “Bi” and then one of the following:

W4W (women for women)

W4L (women for life)

Or if you’re a bi dude and only want relationships with men, it would be:

Add “Bi” and then one of the following:

M4M (men for men)

M4L (men for life)

Preference for women/men:

Add “Bi” and then one of the following:

W leaning (women)/ M leaning (men/male)

For bis without a preference, tbh I can’t really think of anything other than just “no preference”.

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This seems to be the easiest way around Feb/Meb and is straight to the point so there's no misunderstanding.