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this kind of crap is why I unfollowed r/bisexual

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Plus the nonsensical "hEy gUys LEMONBARS & FINGERGUNS aM i riTe?".

The "bisexual culture" and "bi jokes" are just plain annoying.

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oh yeah definitely, and I forgot to mention the constant

"I just came out to my husband as bi, and I want to experiment with women. What do I do?"

"Well, have you tried opening up your marriage/getting a unicorn? Polyamory is the best thing ever with no drawbacks for the unicorn whatsoever!!" I definitely have bias against those sort of posts because of my own experiences but those posts were so annoying.

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And don't forget the "I just came out as bi to my husband, now we can ogle other women's asses together!" type stuff blegh

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My personal use of the term is "men and women" meaning the only two genders that are real.

All of this other "two or more" and "nonbinary included" nonsense should be left to the pans. It doesn't describe me.

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Same, men and women. That's all there is, two sexes.

I remembered that back then gender and sex meant the same thing, but now they changed gender to mean "masculine" and "feminine" whereas sex is "male" and "female".

Non-binary, pan, 'queer', demisexual, etc I see those terms as a political stance in TQ+. It's haed to meet people who call themselves bisexual, they usually say "pansexual", "queer" or for those who don't want to be associated with trendiness, they may just say "I like what I like" and leave it as that.

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It is attraction to both sexes; It's really not complicated until they made it so.

I promise I’m inclusive I’m just trying to understand <3

You never will when talking to them.

As for pansexual, that was always a confusing term to me, and I can't define it since I don't understand what it is or why it is necessary since there are only 2 sexes.

But anyway, If I was a firefighter I wouldn't filter potential rescue recipients by their opinions but then again I'm not a conditional TRA asshat either.

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Thank you! Bisexuality is attraction to two sexes.

Pansexuality to me seems like trendy bisexuality, more of a political term to show that they're part of the TQ+. They're not "discrimatory" like us bisexuals because apparently we're "genital fetishists" like the gay men and lesbian women are. They see the LGB as transphobic and "enbyphobic" assholes for being attracted to what we're attracted to.

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The ironic thing is that Pans wouldn't exactly be a gender validity-seeking trans' first choice. There's no apparent exclusivity to it. In private, Pans have their standards just like everyone else, but I think their public label(used mostly politically like you said) is so inclusive sounding that it doesn't sit right with this kind of transgender. And it seems like clout, image, and identity obsessed trans care more about getting into places they shouldn't be in and with people they shouldn't be with than having a genuine relationship with someone who they are actually compatible with. And it's not enough just to get in this exclusive "club". Society has to acknowledge that they belong there. They have to bury their doubt, buy into their illusions and celebrate them. They go through so many hoops(crossdressing, HRT, cosmetic surgery), guilt-trip, and gaslight so many to achieve this.

Anyway, "genital fetishist" is such a stupid weasely term that could only be coined by TQ+++. It's not like being attracted to someone's hair, nails, feet or some part of the body more periphery to sex. These are sex organs! I remember people on these forums and elsewhere talking about the aspects of their partners many Trans say they actually value to be these intangible and ethereal things that can't even be caught in a bottle they are so transient and made up. Yes, I'm sure you are attracted to his/her gender-specific "essence" and not their sex emphasizing body proportions and parts. Get real. There's a reason Trans don't go for other Trans. Clearly upsets them a lot though whenever Bi or other people say they are not attracted to Trans because "something just doesn't match up". It means they or someone else has failed in passing, the latter which means they might fail too.