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I feel like half the people I know are bi. I go to a lot of music festivals and I’ve made long lasting friends with people I meet there. maybe festivals draw in a certain subset of people. I have a crush on one of the girls who camps with us.. but I’m married and she’s seeing someone. In another life I would have really wanted to date her. My partner is bi. When I make new friends they end up telling me they are bi. Maybe I attract a certain type of person. I really don’t know what it is. I hang out with some gays and lesbians also. So I really couldn’t say.

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Yes but two of my longest partnerships/relationships have been with other bisexual men. There is a 3rd bisexual man I am considering dating but he has yet to take any covid vaccines and we live in an area with a super high population and many people have or have had covid.I am vaccinated.

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Why do you think this happened then? Luck? Or do you think there's some kind of subconscious bi-dar?

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Nope. I try to connect with bi women online.

Last bi woman I had a friend just was a horrible person, horrible friend and perpetuated all the stereotypes of bi women. Most bi women are into gender ideology which makes it 10000+ harder to connect with.

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I too had a bi friend many years ago. She wasn't into the gender stuff she was just a stubborn toxic idiot.

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I don't think I have a bi-dar (I've seen it called "bi-fi" haha!) but somehow I always end up getting along well with bisexual co-workers. I only know they're bi because they randomly told me. I guess they felt comfortable enough around me to discuss it. I took all this to mean that we bis are quite common, and that extraverted people feel like they can tell me their business because I don't gossip or start drama in the workplace, so that's why they told me about being bi. I love chatting with other bisexuals, we're all so different but it's still fun to shoot the shit. Once, I even had a mini crush on a bi woman I worked with AND her husband (they worked in different departments). They were both cute. I couldn't help myself! 😂