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Because bisexuals are unsettling to monos. People who are not just attracted to one sex. It's easier to "tolerate" bis if they are in heterosexual relationships or het-passing.

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It is the opposite way as well, especially among many gay men and lesbian women or the type who brag about or wish they were "gold star" types and who look down upon homosexual men and women who once had sex, dated, or married the opposite sex when they were younger, closeted/in denial, etc.

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Yes, very true, although in this case it's monos looking down on other monos for not being "authentic" (or whatever you wanna call it), which is a different dynamic. It's more like gatekeeping then straight-up bigotry. (not to say that it's less bad or whatever, I'm just saying)

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yeah I do believe it stems from homophobia

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Would upset the audience. Not only straights either, and while I love my fellow LG, let's be realistic here. Some LG can be hypocritical about being "anti phobic". Homophobia is bad but these some will go off the rails when a individual bisexual does something.

It won't be "straight enough" or "gay enough." Bisexuals gotta "choose a side," and showing a bisexual who's in a opposite sex relationship while still being labeled as bisexual can get quite the reaction. Even if they never dated the opposite sex at all.

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Because every media is incapable of creating new diverse characters, so they have to retcon old characters. Like we see new mermaid movie with black character and new star wars movie with female skywalker.

Now if a character was already straight they can't make them homosexual, so the best approach is making them bisexual. "Oh I was bisexual all along"

It's less of representation and more of rainbow capitalism.

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I don't know if it is rainbow capitalism whatever this is? I do agree that it is laziness and just pandering. I am not going to go out of my way to watch a film just because it has characters of certain races, a different sex, or it puts bisexual and gay characters in it trying to entice me to watch it or pay for it.

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What do you think of the queer agenda on star wars they trying to put gay people kissing on the background at every scene lol

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High iq

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Hello sir. Why do you call yourself "against pedo rights"? Are you against pedo rights? Why?

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We will discuss it in zoom later

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Ohhhh you're a troll. This is a common response of yours.

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We will get you eventually