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To clarify, I'm a bisexual woman who strongly prefers women over men.

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one women said, you're probably repulsed by male p because men have used their p to violate and harm women, that you are allowed to have a preference, and that many women have had positive experiences with the male p and so wouldn't be repulsed by it. I agreed with her.

Which part?

I went to lchat but they dislike bis and told me you should ask fellow men lovers why they are hostile to your opinions. I feel like there really is no solidarity amongst lesbians bis etc. Sad.

Well lchat definitely seems very caustic in general, but they are known for such.

Reddit was a dumpster fire and a cesspool.

Stick to the non-gender related niche subs. Don't bother with general ones because they're all woke and trans captured. Honestly, if you want some bi discussion there you're probably more likely to get trans affirming furries than anything. It's like ppl rather talk about hetero/homo culture and chant gendergoo crap than have actual discussions about bisexuality.

i posted I think that women are more beautiful then men

Would you use percentages to describe this?