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"The camp doctors must supervise more often than in the past the nutrition of the prisoners

Classic holocaust denial. Looks like the doctors in charge of the death camp in this picture never got the memo.



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Yeah right, classic Soviet propaganda. Starving Jew...

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The guy in the picture is obviously a new arrival. He's overweight, his uniform and the uniform of the other guys in the picture are not in tatters.



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Exterminations were sped up and slowed down over the course of the war depending on what labour was needed at the time.

For instance the killing of the mad was stopped when the war started as they could be sent to the front line as cannon fodder (this also meant a lot of the criminally insane were released into other countries).

However this also meant those not needed for work were killed immediately, such as children.

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Yeah right. And yet there's evidence of deportation attempts as late as 1943 and 1944 and Jews themselves saying they enjoyed all the conforts of the camps. There's no reason to believe the mainstream narratives at all. Either the National Socialists would have used the most efficient way to kill them all or not. The "Final Solution" was to push them out of Germany's borders.