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Do you have any videos of any US shill farms?

I've seen the Israeli public versions. They openly work on Wikipedia (etc.) , because they had tv shows about it, and they gave out prizes (like rides in hot air balloons, and such) to the participants.

I suppose the US govt still pretends it doesn't engage in this. Although they were caught by accident because of Reddit. Elgin airbase iirc.

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I've never seen footage of a western company or agency doing it, no. I assume the security is tighter in the US about this sort of thing, whereas apparently in china they're able to sneak out some footage.

Or maybe it's a matter of propaganda, maybe Chinese internet users have seen footage of western shill companies but we haven't.

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Or maybe western countries just use bots because wages are higher.

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Good point, the western shill farms probably have to pay $10/hr or so per employee, but I imagine the Chinese shill farms pay about $1/hr or something

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Good point.
Chinese Internet shills are a fact of daily life in China.
They're like China's internet parking ticket cops.

Or maybe it's a matter of propaganda, maybe Chinese internet users have seen footage of western shill companies but we haven't.

That's funny. This could be a video of an elite hacker club at a wealthy university.

Rich kids, and grad students just living it up, with zero nefarious intent. Or maybe a commercial for the school's hacker club.

They tricked us into shaking our fists and thinking "those dang shills!"


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The ones in the video are used for mass upvotes. You can pay money for Chinese companies to mass upvote or give you 5-star ratings for your company. It gets pretty obvious which businesses use it when like 10k customers give them a perfect 5-star rating.

The Eglin Air Force Base is an astroturf program where they have live people making comments on social media to promote disinformation.

Two different things, which is why there's video footage of the former.

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Surprise, surprise...

automatizing shit obviously ain't their cup of tea. When looking at Xiaomi developer tools i discovered they mostly use very oldschool windooze-dll's.

Their development-processes still are from the last millennium mostly, it seems.

Can't steal ideas from the inside of others heads that well, now can you, mr. yellow-man-in-command ?

No matter how "well-done" your system of total surveillance of your "citizens" is.

Corruption will eat many of the golden eggs you falsely assumed it to lay for you.

You wanted "western" problems, so you got them... hehe.

Makes you think about all their children working in their factories.

My usual "cui bono" standard-folklore, you know ?

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China has a lousy average wage earnings number, and they're massively in debt.

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But they are literally sitting on trillions of US foreign debt securities at the same time.

China will default after US does, if this ever even happens...

This is about as safe as the amen in all your churches at the end of the sermons.

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They also manufacture almost everything hardware wise that the US doesn't.

Beyond technology, the United States could also not repair any of it's naval fleet, as almost no steel production, and no ore mining occur in the USA any longer.

The only thing the USA has been able to consistently reproduce is fake money, to which we export like it's going out of style.

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I agree on this one completely. Thanks for sharing.

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Ya, the US is fucked. The national debt is going up every year, and if we lose reserve currency status, then it's game over.

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The US only are fucked because its citizens actively let this happen by - more or less - electing bobbleheads that since about at least 80 fucking years are puppeteered by the same old dynasties of incest-ridden micro-brain-ticks which inherited all their ill-gotten-gains to their mishpoke-driven younger ticklings again and again.

Without paying taxes, seif-explainatory, of course.

You fucked yourselves for most parts without realizing it ! to clearly state this fact for once.

US wanted to be played in a corner of this globe politically -so to say- because the biggest part of going there they actually did theirselves in (e.g.) exercising their world-infamous bombing-raid powertrip on foreign grounds again and again. On different scales to pseudo-hide it "better" -so to say-:

Let's be honest :

Drone strikes on foreign civilians that in US-propaganda are mislabeled as "combatants" to justify the false "reasons" for targeting them in the first place is clearly nothing else than the purest evil form

of STATE TERRORISM. Which a nobel-peace-price-laureate upscaled massively "silently". That is the most cynic pseudo-hidden irony in this fact, even i can imagine.

Literally no other bobblehead other than these, that can be bought, gaslighted or blackmailed by the same congregation of ticks behind closed doors that squeeze all their private agendas into US-deep-state-chief-bobbleheads-"micro-brains"-inner-circle -so to say- wants to play ball with US itself anymore.

This period is now finally done.

You chose this path actively, even if you "only" are a "citizen" of this state-like "entity".

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It's interesting that you post a long anti-American rant on a post about Chinese shill farms.

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Mystical ain't it ?

Maybe my intention could be to imply a sense that China nowadays lives through a time-circle right now in about fifty years that US lived through in about 200 years ? With an shifted origin in time and space as the only "observable" differences, maybe...

Only that this circle possibly is even more "shallow" so to say than even the US circle was ?

Because possibly it is a bad mostly software-pirated copy ?

Maybe these circles, if you feel inclined to think that far are interconnected ?

Who knows, who knows...

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More shallow, maybe; but faster. The U.S. overtook the U.K. in manufacturing in the late 1800's and the rest is history. Lots of similarities while, also, a different geopolitical world now versus then.

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Yep... yep... time mostly is sensed "faster" nowadays.

The history of "Africa" is some middle-ground in this sensable aspect... They went "through" this in about a century.

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I'm a registered independent, and I couldn't agree with you more. It's just one more empire in a long list who tried to dominate the world.

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When you have billions of people you can just thrown manpower at a problem rather than invent a solution.

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As long as they believe your blatant lie that they actually aren't your slaves you successfully sold to them (gaslighted them into believing is more on point, i'd guess) in the first place.

Under this assumption, i agree on your point.

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There are far more. Like:
1) SJW shill farm,
2) the big-pharma shill farm,
3) the Jewish shill farm,
4) political shill farms (democrats and republican)
5) military shill farms (NATO and local military)

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It's so hard to get anyone over 50 to understand this shit.

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I understand... and i'm in my 30ies... This prejudice narrows your view. And your personal angle only.

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Yes I assume basically every major government, military, intelligence, and major corporation has a shill group at this point.

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Most corporates just approach users with a medium following to shill their stuff rather than running farms.

A few redditors have admitted to getting paid for this.

They don't see any harm in what they post but they don't realise they are often posting the distraction not on the topic in contention.

And a lot of sjw botb farms are single incels who don't work and will obsessively run hundreds of SM accounts for free (paid for by your taxes via the benefit system).

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Which one is u/site_sux?

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i dont understand what's going on in this video, can someone help me be less retarded?

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These are your fake social media likes and followers. OP says shills, but this group is hardly a shill farm.

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Shilling doesn't have to be only original content.

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It's mostly not original content even when it looks like it. On reddit, I was "debating" with someone about some right issue. The "other user" simply took some of my sentences and added some non sens answer to it. It was basicly the following: We (everyone) are unworthy, ttrust the "expert", we don't matter so we deserve to be limited, etc. I responded a lot of message and this "person" kept responding similar stuff about an hour after I replied. I think it had been over a week. I was kinda shock to see that much dedication (even though this was low value content) on a single user. Could also have been some kind of bot, hard to tell, but there's many of them and they don't act the same. And there are (probably) clueless people mixed in answering stupid stuff. Some of these potentially clueless people are probably less then 16 years old. Or these can be other shills that reply dumb stuff.

I'm from Quebec and it is sort of similar on the Quebec reddit. I am convinced that this subreddit is owned by a political party (Option National) and is using censorship to its advantage. I've also heard some of the 2 moderators made false claim on another user about an ongoing investigation. This user apparently had real problem with officers (don't recall what exactly) and didn't get anything in return for these false accusation, only got problems. They ban people with different political ideas for "being rude" but they let people who started being rude in the first place when they agree with them (like most other popular sub).

There's a lot of education to do on internet and computers. For a start, Linux is where the futur is for people who want freedom. Microsoft is working on making computers that won't allow other system (like Linux) to run. We need to work together to get out of this mess.