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Neat link. I'll be checking it out.

Also, owned by alt-right leader Vox Day, is trying to re-edit it all.

(Yet I lean left and am on there. At some point someone made me an admin, though I have no clue what that even means or what I can/can't do there.)


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really? infogalactic is vox day? til!

i don't read him, but voat likes him i think. interesting

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It was part of his mission to correct Wikipedia and counter SJW shit.

He is founder but I've never seen him on it once, and even his article is outdated. I have no idea how connected or devoted he is to the site. The site is waaaay too much of a mystery to me, but it's a great tool and alternative to WP.

Vox Day has a DarkStream vlog on YouTube that is tedious and self-absorbed. I don't have time for him, his impatience, his intolerance, nor his crowd though on occasion he has a gem or few. I've never read any of his Christian sci-fi.

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