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Some people think Covid19 happened without advance planning & that it will be over soon.

The World Bank had a huge report on COVID ready by April 2020.
it indicates the first phase of the Covid-19 project will last until 2025.

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I don't know what your placeholder means, nor "all corona-related stuff", but maybe you want to centrally collect it all on WikiSpooks instead of an ephemeral Saidit post.

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I have hidden the post as I am working on it - not sure why anyone else can view it.

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I saw a couple. I'm not sure what hide does.

You might want to consider creating a personal wiki page, and even nest more wiki pages within it, where you can work on drafts. The wiki formatting is not exactly identical to posts or sub sidebar formatting but it's pretty close.'_wiki_pages

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Thank you for the tips. Let me mull over them.

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How does one create a personal wiki page on SaidIt? I tried searching but could not find anything.

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I edited this page:, duplicated my line and replaced my name with yours. Perhaps that page is permission only (editis at the top for me).

So now you can work on your page: (unless you need to ask d3rr for permission to edit the wiki (tell d3rr I sent you)). If you want a different name/title you can change it on the index above before you edit it (and/or ask me if you're waiting for access permission).

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Thanks very much indeed. Jason! However, the link says "Page Not Found". Maybe it needs to be activated on the back-end?

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You need to click on Create page "eddiec" to then start editing a page, then save it, and it will finally be created. You can then edit it further as you see fit.

On that wiki-page you can "create" more nested sub-wiki-pages by including links to proposed sub-pages. For example:

  1. /s/SaidIt/wiki/EddieC/Page1
  3. [Page 3]( will appear as Page 3

Name your sub-wiki-pages however you like after /s/SaidIt/wiki/EddieC/ (no spaces and capital letters are treated as lower case). You can click on the examples above and see, again, that the pages will not yet exist until they are "created" by starting a draft and saving it.

For advanced formatting tips:

On the chance you don't have permission, we can ask /u/d3rr (he'll now see this in his messages) to please give you permission.

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Thanks very much indeed again. Jason!

I believe I do not have permission to create/edit wiki pages as these are what I can view on my end: --> -->

As such, I would grateful if /u/d3rr you would allow access to do so.

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Sorry for the late reply. There is a 100 karma requirement to use the /s/saidit wiki. So I've created a new sub to provide a place for user wiki pages, and a page to get you started:

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Thanks very much indeed. Greatly appreciated!

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CC the other mods of /s/SaidIt :

/u/The_Quantum_Alpha (won't see it as the message inclusive limit is 3)