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The big one responsible for the severe respiratory damage that is forcing some to use O2 supplies or get moved to vents seems to be on gene Rs11385942. If you have 23andme, there is a fairly decent proxy (about 99% accurate for caucasians, 80-90% for hispanic) via gene Rs10490770

Note that rs11385942 is not present on the DNA chips used by the major direct-to-consumer genotyping companies such as 23andMe, Ancestry and MyHeritage. In Caucasians, a SNP present on most MyHeritage and Ancestry chips, rs10490770, is a very good proxy for rs11385942 (and it is also present on older versions of the 23andMe chip). The minor allele of rs10490770(C) corresponds most of the time (r2 >0.99 in Caucasians) to the minor rs11385942(A) allele based on data available in ensembl. There is no equivalent linkage in those of African descent; and the correlation is lower in Hispanic populations (r2 ~0.8-0.9).