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So, are you paid directly by the CCP, or do you use a middle man?

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Neither. I present the truth for free.

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Given so much of the other circumstancial evidence (eg crimson contagion, event 201, summer 2019 SARS epidemic of a retirement facility within commuting distance of ft detrick, etc), and history over the past 2-3 decades, everything points to the usual suspects (syria false flag and related propaganda ops, iraq wmd lies, wtc 7 + coverup and related events, jfk cover up). The banking mafia (a cabal of robber baron dynasties such as rothchilds, rockefellers, and partners is funding and has directly ties to the deep state-- a deep infiltration, from many officials at every levels and all branches of government, to advisers, to non governmental position influencers such as think tanks, ngos, foundations. Many of these officials are completely owned and 100% controlled by kompromat operations such as Epstein's). It is clear to me the Chinese were set up.

Now opinions here will vary. For some, including Rand Paul (who I think is a great guy, even if he doesn't get 100% right 100% of the time) the truth will take time to accept.

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How is Sars-Cov-2 being out a couple months earlier than thought proof that it wasn't a lab leak from Wuhan?

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Because the ONLY reason Wuhan was in the frame in the first place was because in Dec 2019 their hospital was the first to notice they had patients with a new virus. For that reason alone they were blamed for being the origin.

So now we know those patients in Wuhan hospital in December were far from being the first to have the virus so therefore evidence was being contrived to blame Wuhan when there was no credible reason to do that. When you put all of that together it says this is a set up.

Aside from that Italy wasnt a couple of months earlier. It was several months earlier.

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You trust China that much?