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Do you mind if I post a few of my favourite Squarepusher tracks?

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Go right ahead. Post them below, or in another non-Covers sub where others can see them.

Obviously I love Iambic 5 Poetry, Port Rhombus, and Come On My Selector with the brilliant Chris Cunningham video.

One that doesn't get any acclaim that I know of, is one of my faves: Funki Porcini 'Carwreck (Squarepusher Mix)' (4:22). Very different than the source version with lots of abstract lite D&B jazzy noise that builds up, then it all kind of falls into glorious rhythmic place at @2:30 only to eventually kind of devolve again and come back with a brilliant conclusion. I'd like to see remixes of this remix.

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Now in my Halloween playlist.