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Step 1: Create a new website somewhere.

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We have those.

We need to determine what platform. Lemmy has a good coder base for support but Lenny is a fork with one guy who is removing the complex SWJ censorship built in. IF we had more coder guys to support that one guy and the Lenny fork then it may be worth recommending.

IMO we should establish some federation parameters first, on all fronts simultaneously, to determine how the instances in the federation will interact:

  • Figure out if we want to be on Lemmy or Lenny.
  • Create a SaidIt federation group (privately if necessary) to discuss and plan things.
  • Draft up some manifesto sets.
  • Draft up some rule sets.
  • Draft up some /s/Decentralize4Dummies tutorials for folks to create their own instances.
  • Establish better organization and management of categories / topics / subs.
  • SaidIt database sharing / mirroring / backup.
    • Torrent share the bulk of the database (if this is possible).
    • Use the SaidIt API to mirror / interact with the database.

Q: What do I mean by "sets"?

A: Creative Commons licenses come in simple clear well-defined sets. Each forum instance owner can choose how they would run it and define their forum before they even start it. In this way people should know what they're getting into before they jump ship. Also perhaps most people would chose the same set, but there are one or few who would chose a higher or lower tier for their instance. If one guy allows trolls to roam freely that could be problematic for the federation and may be blocked. He may wish to go it alone or conform and raise his tier. Same with too high aspirations. Naturally, filters would help resolve this and whether they exist or could exist is something to look into.

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From a private message:

When you announce Session, and then immediately say that some people fear repercussions, you're inviting m7 to be suspicious.

Interesting idea. I had only said that to not only let M7 know that people fear his tyranny, walk on eggshells, and that our community shouldn't feel this way. It also hammers home my point that there are cracks in the foundation.

Same with the idea of a mutiny. You deny that it is a mutiny, but why mention that word to begin with? I'm not sure if it's the right approach.

Again, this isn't a mutiny, it's an evolution. It's a little past prime now, but I wished you'd commented this on that post. I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty to share this anonymously.

There still is great utility in SaidIt, whether as an anon proving ground where folks may be invited to limited forums, filtering out the STABS, or in some other fashion. We must not give up on SaidIt either. SaidIt is our mother, despite the cracks in the foundations.