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Hi riyasteve,

Thanks for posting stuff in Decentralized All Things. I didn't catch them at first so I'll have to catch up.

I noticed you haven't posted any where else or commented, and you've posted from different sites, so maybe you're not a spammer. Depends if those sites seem to come up elsewhere suspiciously. Remains to be seen.

There are other subs your posts might too, some include:

And of course much on DIY, self-reliance, sustainability, libertarianism, and anarcho-capitalism, among other things.

Of special note, I want to bring your attention to:

Maybe you've got some good ideas on how SaidIt can either raise some funds and/or manage them. Also, I believe /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr intend to bring some kind of decentralization, crypto-rewards, cryptocurrency, and/or some kind of browser mining to SaidIt. Maybe you could help or advise them if you have skills.