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    They were so desperate for the 'man bad' arguments to be proven right, they had to import the problem when it was clear they were wrong and probably always were. Either way, their insanity is demonstrated.

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      You might as well ask if men are self-destructing since they seem to be acquiescing to a regime that forbids masculine behavior, and some males seem to be eager to live female personas, perhaps unconsciously sensing an increase in prestige and entitlement comes with being a woman.

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        Trans men (FtM) are not insinuating themselves into mens sports because they cant compete at all with men, certainly not on a really competitive level. They have no advantage.

        MtFs with mediocre fitness for a male are smashing all female sports records and becoming rich media darlings in the process.

        The asymmetry lies in men being the functional gender role. Men optimize for function, women for form,

        Oh I dont know. When women are reliant on males economically they are bound to accentuate the qualities that make males most attracted to them. Women now are just living off the bureaucracy which appropriates male wealth and redistributes it to females and other economic underperformers in an economic system where performance and productivity have been completely divorced from compensation. So there’s no incentive to be feminine and submissive unless you want to land a big whale with $$$.

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        Sure, however that is only because men still desire that... and that seems to be under attack (objectification of women). If we keep going with wokeness, desiring women will be wrong, it is patronizing and violence, which means that men will no longer see femininity as desirable, which means women will stop making themselves attractive and because they don't rely on men anymore, they can also be productive and work and make money, and thus, everyone is man-like.

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        You confuse what they are saying to what the actual dynamic is.

        Females dont want men to stop checking them out.

        This is a way to put beta males in their place.

        “You are not hot enough/rich enough to hit on me! How dare you! Learn your place.”

        Its just a power play that hypergamous females are playing to intimidate lower status males.

        If you are wearing high heels and a skirt and a tight top with cleavage showing and you spent a zillion hours watching James Charles makeup tutorials to get your face just right, you obviously totally thrive on male attention. Its sexual presentation.

        I see young women turning up the sexual presentation if anything. But then claiming “Im just doing this to feel powerful and not to turn men on”. This is their narrative. Perhaps some are not even totally conscious of the signifigance of this behavior in sexual context, but the underlying motive is to get positive male attention. And it is power. Right now in our culture, certain powerful voices are encouraging women to be abusive to men. It is completely a double standard. Dont listen to the fairy tale they give you, look at the behavior.

        Step 1 - look as sexy as possible

        Step 2 - get males to notice you

        Step 3 - castigate the ones you aren’t interested in for being pigs.

        They just want to control males more than they already are, especially poor betas.

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        Yeah you are talking about traditional females. I'm talking about what is going on right now with all the wokeness, and how they are redefining women (or trying to, whether it will work or not). I agree women understand femininity and use it to their advantage sometimes.

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        Well some of these gals dont pass as traditional but I know what you mean.

        I think a lot of these women dont feel comfortable in their female bodies or they feel they cant compete sexually with other women so they die thieir hair blue and get tattoo sleeves. This way they dont have to compete with other women.

        They have a fabulous justification for just dropping out of the reproductive competition. The expectation of making yourself sexually attractive to the opposite sex is deemed “oppression”, so they run around yelling “muh oppression” and they are off the hook. I think we are dealing with a lot of ugly ducklings in these cases.

        Having to compete in the sexual arena is oppressive. I mean it is a burden for everybody. You are judged and often found wanting. Its painful. There are losers. Its not fair. But we have to carry on the human race.

        The people that control popular culture just hate people and dont care how much they damage pliable young minds.

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        Yeah, completely agree.

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        Why isn't there the same amount of fuzz around joining men's UFC as a transitioning man(lol).

        Because transmen aren't beating the shit out of biological men and destroying men's records, because, you know, they're women. They are middling, at most.

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        Well, it was a rhetorical question, so agreed but I think it's not becuase they're not beating men, it's because they don't want to get beaten by them, which is part of my point of asymmetrical transitioning.

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        Oh, it's a fully conscious sense of it for a portion. There's an entire system towards essentially brainwashing yourself into wanting to become female to escape from being an incel. Aaaand, gross. When I was looking up a link to send you on it, I've discovered that they're infiltrating even the bodybuilding forum that I use to get anecdotal info from folks for my husband's supplements. Autogynophiles are a particularly creepy and manipulative type of cancer.

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        I think we will eventually discover that there are multiple causes of trans. Basically multiple types. I think some are just gay dudes.

        But I think these autogynophiles like probably Caitlyn Jenner who claim to be lesbians are people that have watched too much lesbian porn. This is just my theory. At some point in maybe the 90s there was an explosion of lesbian porn and I think a lot of men have been normalized to it and it has made them unable to feel turned on in their male body.

        They view (incorrectly) the female body as this non-stop sexual arousal machine, a sex toy you can live in. To be female is perhaps to be a hypersexual being in their minds. That is how women are depicted in porn and they think that is real.

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        There are definitely multiple causes. There's a resource here, s/GenderCritical, a group containing quite a few very well spoken women with a lot of information on the topic stickied there that includes terminology and thorough research.