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Firefox today had a message that popped up at the bottom of a new tab browser window, saying "The president has used disinformation for the last 4 years to get us to where we are today. How can we prevent this going forward?"

Just absolutely dystopian at this point. Media basically re-writing history to give themselves more control. And Firefox happily agreeing. Honestly almost enough to make me quit firefox forever. That and it's not compatible with a lot of games, it's kind of a bad browser tbh

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Honestly almost enough to make me quit firefox forever.

This is the most pathetic thing I've read in a long time. "This is dystopian! Bbbbbbut, I'm still going to support them!"

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Firefox is still the best alternative to Chromium-based browsers. This 'feature' sounds like a snippet, I always disable them via about:config and changing browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.snippets to false. Also disable Firefox studies and telemetry, for more Firefox privacy and security settings check this guide.

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Ease of use matters... I don't have all day to spend trying out and installing random 3rd party software that's probably full of rootkits and whatnot and also won't be supported in 2 years. Plus the alternatives also suck for the most part. Chrome works the best, but has the worst intrusiveness. Firefox works ok but has medium intrusiveness, but the agenda pushing is annoying

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Try kiwi

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We could be the next target..

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Why are people still using firefox?

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There aren't really many browser choices, it's the same 3: chrome, safari, and firefox. Everything else is just a skin slapped over one of those.

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It's the browser I use and I'm slightly ashamed....

What do you think is a good alternative?

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Brave. It was made by ex-firefox employees. The main guy got cancelled out of mozilla.

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I've never seen so many sore winners in my whole life.

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its so strange that all of a sudden all these top people in companies are coming out and are against freedom,

seems to me like these people are being told what to say or loose their jobs,

i always thought whoever is behind this has been targeting high profile people for many years and blackmailing them in exchange for money and sex

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I REALLY wish they wouldn't get political. Pretty bad that we basically get to choose between them and google. They are the lesser of two evils at least.

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Mozilla just panders to the whole, "hey look we're independent and edgy and cool look how non-conformist we are" scene whilst implementing policies that are anything but.